Monday, April 20, 2009

Adventures in the Venture! Right Arm!

Well my sister Brittany and her husband Jeff came this weekend to visit us and we had so much fun! They were married in December and are so cute, they are just so in love....newlyweds eh. ;) They came on Thursday and on Friday and Saturday the guys went hunting. Hunting season opened on Friday up here so they were pretty excited to get a bear and a wolf. Well they didn't have much luck. Poor guys, spent two full days trying to catch something and they were so determined. They saw some pretty huge tracks though, and a Linx, a deer, a bird, gophers, an old cooler. They did shoot the cooler though, they really wanted to shoot something so they pick that I guess! They think it may have been a little too early to go, but Dustin is sure anxious to get that bear. I'm sure he'll be going again. While the "manly" men were out doing their thing, Britt and I did what women do best and went shopping. I honestly didn't buy anything but it was so fun just to go to stores and walk around and see what I plan on buying one day. There isn't much shopping up here but just even walking around Superstore was fun. I also wanted to get Kyla's ears pierced as you all know but Claires couldn't do it because something was broken for about aweek or so, and nowhere else in the city will do it! We don't have a Merle Norman up here either, which would of been my first choice. So she was either too young or they didn't have anyone trained at the moment. GAY. I was dissapointed because Britt was so excited to come with me to do them. So I guess i'll try and get her in within the next couple weeks. So we had some fun sister time and some good Reba watching, she brought the last two seasons with her. I love that show. A lot of people told me that Dustin and I remind them of Van and Cheyenne from the show so my friend Shannon lent me the first two seasons so I could see why people say that and I was addicted. I'm so much smarter than her though! So anyways, Saturday night we had a date night and I can't remember a time when I laughed so much! We went out for dinner and then honestly drove around for like an hour and a half! We didn't want to go to a movie because we had been staying up until like 2am every night just talking and laughing and I wanted to enjoy as much time with them as we could so sleep was not our priority. Anyways so we were already on lack of sleep so sitting in a dark movie theater would just knock us all out plus we wanted to visit. The only other thing was bowling and we didn't really feel like bowling. There was no way I was coming home at 8pm when we had a sitter, so we just drove around! Who knew it could be so fun, we just laughed and laughed. (Britt said it was like high school when you'd drive around for hours just trying to decide what to do and then realize it was curfew and go home!) Dustin would cruise the "dowtown strip" as we called it and it was awesome! Dustin decided to pull into the car dealership to see the vehicles, and the dealership is like two blocks long and all along the main road the cars are parked in the parking lot. We really want to get a new vehicle but we have been so diciplined and putting our priorities straight (only responsible people do that) and have made this van last, and we hate it. One thing after another keeps breaking on it, it's awesome. Both front windows won't roll up if you roll them down (which was perfect in the -25C weather while driving across the city) Dustin keeps hoping that one of these horrible Fort Mac drivers will hit him one day while driving it (without the kids in it of course) Anyways we have been having lots of problems with it. So does anyone want to buy a van? lol Well back to our adventurous night. Dustin noticed a spot where a car was gone so he took advataged to try and sell our van, so he pulled in. It was hilarious, he also pulled out further than the other cars so ours would be noticed better. We are honestly laughing to the point of crying because Dustin would just do these random things while we drove around. So here we are in our 2003 Chevy Venture in a row of brand new cars, let me give you a visual... oh and click on the pictures to see how awesome we make the van look, it was all part of the sale. (Blonde not included...but take the tall one if you want)
So after our crazy "adventures in the Venture" as we called it, we finally decided to give in and come home and hang out and also had a blast playing games and having so much fun. Sunday we went to church and I got to show them why we love it here. They couldn't believe how nice everyone was and how many fun young families are in our ward. We honestly have no old people! It's crazy. But so many fun young couples and we have made some great friends here. We also took them out to Syncrude (one of the big plants up here) to see the big machinery out there. They thought that was pretty cool. On the way back Britt and I sat in the very back, because there isn't much room with all the carseats so I let Jeff sit upfront. So we had a photo shoot with her camera, which was another laugh fest for us. She'll have to post the pictures on her blog because I don't have them, but we got some gooders. Other than that we just had so much fun and made a crap load of memories. Oh and about the title, Dustin works with some awesome guys like himself and they say "Right arm!" instead of "right on!" aren't they so cool! These smart husbands that go to work everyday and work so hard to come up with such brilliant slogans for us to use in our daily dialogue. So it became one of our regular sayings for the weekend, got some good laughs out of that too. So We made the best of every minute and it was great how much closer we got to be as sisters. We also realized how much we are alike! So much more than we ever thought! She was a great help with the kids and they loved Uncle Jeff. We had late nights and early mornings (thanks to the kids) and I can't wait until they come up again!

The guys before hunting, Dustin didn't want to grab his hunting coat but wanted to show all his camo, so he lifted up his shirt instead. They are so cool.
out at dinner, the lighting is so gross in the restaraunt and not the best angle of me. We are cuter than in makes us look, but you all know that ;)
At Syncrude

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Lindsay said...

Looks like you had a fun visit! I feel like I never see anyone at church anymore since I disappear into Primary!

the fellers said...

how fun...I just have to tell you, my mom LOVES do I...but her and my aunt always tells me that Shon and I are just like Van and Cheyenne...and I always say, "I am NOT as dumb as her!" haha!

Tim and Ashlee said...

I love when my sisters come to visit too. My older sister was here a couple of weeks ago and we ended up wandering around Walmart for like 3 hours with 4 kids. Just for fun...and it was fun.

Lynn said...

You guys are such a blast.
This post reminded me of when my sister and her husband would always come and visit...good times!

I too love that Reba show. So funny. I also think Faith and Hope is a good one too.

Anyway...thanks for the FUN post!

Janas Bananas said...

I LOVE Reba!!! When we moved out here we had no internet or phone for 3 weeks and no friends. I waould sit and watch t.v at night and I came across Reba which I used to watch when it first came out...I got back into it..Now I call it my comfort food! I love laying in my bed at night and turning it one before I go to sleep...And, good times with sister...I love sister time too, nothing is more fun then that!!

Ashley said...

I'm glad you guys had fun!

Caroline said...

What hilarious stories! I love the whole van thing...that was so funny! I love the pics. You all look like you are having a blast! Almost all of your sisters have died their hair dark....I hardly recognize them. Cute! So nice to hear that you had a great time with your sister. Always precious memories!

amieandmichael said...

Thats awesome you guys were able to just laugh and laugh!! I love those times!!