Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Project and A Close Call

For a long time I have wanted to get a chalkboard for my kitchen. I am ALWAYS writing things down because I have the WORST memory! For real! Is there something you can eat to help with that? Seriously i'm really bad, so if you ever notice I forgot about you for something, don't take it personal. So I wanted something different and more fun/modern. so I have been looking online at some and I didn't want to spend $50 plus shipping and exchange which is all ridiculous. So I was in Staples here and I found a simple plain chalkboard for $19.95! So I decided to spruce it up in my own way.
BeforeAfter! (click on it to see it better) Kyla drew a picture on the bottom if you can't tell. I know i'm an awesome artist but this time i'll give Kyla the credit...
So now for the close call. Dustin and I were getting the babies dressed for bed in the livingroom on the mainfloor last night and we sent Kyla upstairs to get some pj's for bed. She was upstairs and we heard the loudest bang and then Kyla freaking out. I said "Run Dustin!" (I was nursing Jayci) I set her down and went up and her dresser was tipped over and she was on the floor beside it. (Luckily!) She got out of the way just in time. But it scraped up her back before she got away. I took a picture but it doesn't show very good. She is so lucky. Her dresser is heavy and full of clothes! She was opening the bottom drawer, I knew that because of what shirt she had on the floor beside her and plus she showed us what she did. But we tried to pull a drawer open and rocked the dresser to see how sturdy it was and it didn't seem that easy to tip over. So we think it was too far away from the wall. Anyways we are so lucky she didn't get crushed! She is a scrony little skeleton so she would of had no chance. She was smart to move out of the way and one lucky little girl! It definately freaked me out too!

I also want to update on a few things too, more for me (to remember) lol. Both the babies are pulling themself to standing and even starting to "cruise." Jayci is now saying "dadda and mamma", and knowing what they mean. She even said "hi dad!" on Sunday morning! Seriously, I thought it was fluke but she kept copying me, like 10 times! Then she said it again to my sister later that day, so who knows! I think Presley is getting it too. They can both wave hi, which I love! I love the stage where they start to mimic you, Kyla was so good at that and I think that's why she learned how to talk well so early. Anyways those are the main things I wanted to update on. Also I am getting a lot of blogging in lately, I guess my life hasn't been as boring!

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Caroline said...

Mindy, I did the exact same thing as a child. Seriously! But I ended up having a massive bruise on my hip. I was fine of course, but it scared my parents. Glad to hear that the twins are doing so well. I love your new chalk board! Cute!

the fellers said...

wow, that WAS a close call, poor girl, probably scared her to death! And that chalk board is so cute! What a great idea!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Oh gosh! Lucky she's okay. And the chalkboard is great. Love what you did to it.

The Evansons' said...

PHEWF! Good thing Kyla is quick! I love your chalk board, really cute!

Lynn said...

Oooo! OUCH! I can see the raised scratch on the picture of her back for sure. Poor sweetheart. She is VERY lucky and smart to get out of the way in time.

I LOVE the chalkboard! You rock! I have been wanting to find some chalkboard paint and paint the back of my pantry door to do the same thing. And then I was thinking about painting an old door or something and hang on the wall.

I am SO tired of all my sticky notes around the house. I too am terrible with remembering things. The only way to stay on top of it all is to write it down as SOON as I think of it. (I have a sticky note pad and pen on my bathroom counter....I will even get out of the shower to jot something down when I think of it. LOL!) might want to check out these chalkboard pens. They write JUST like chalk, but don't leave the "dust" that chalk does. The coffee shops use them for their ad boards.

Check out the video of this woman who introduced them to me.


Chalkboard pens:

There is one left in stock, but at least you will know what to look for somewhere else, or when they get more in.

Have fun!

Rachelle Cooper said...

Super cute chalkboard... and yikes that was a close call.. actually that almost happened to Elias the other day too.. really scary. Poor little thing though..

Elysa Johnston said...

Love the chalk board! I have been thinking about buying a big bulletin board and getting it framed to cute it up!
Poor Kyla! The same thing happened to Emily--it freaked me out! I don't know about Kyla, but Emily did it by opening all her drawers which made it too heavy in the front. It fell and got her leg. I'm sure it scared your poor little girl!

Ashley said...

Ouch! Poor little Kyla! I'm glad she got out of the way.

Anonymous said...

whoo doggies! that was a CLOSE one! Lucky her guardian angels were looking after her ♥

and i love that Chalk Board :) That is so CraFtY!

Anonymous said...

OMG mindy super scary I am always worried Will is going to climb something and pull it down cuz he is so strong.. anyways She probably opened all the drawers at the same time that will tip it.. Try it today and see.. Erika's art drawer thing tips as soon as 3 are open (its 5 drawers) Also.. you can buy ancors for the dresser we have them on bookshelves just in case. the are simple and only leave a little nail hole so easy to fix!! Look into it. ALSO.. I know I know haha please make a vid of the girls taking that is way too cute!!!