Monday, May 04, 2009

Park and lots more

It was a beautiful weekend so we took the kids to the park for the first time this spring and they loved it. I have a hard time going by myself during the day with the three of them so it was nice to have Dustin there. We might be making it an evening ritual, along with going on walks. We even had a little picnic.

My gorgeous Kyla, played and played forever. She was so happy.

Jayci left, Presley right


I found Presley going nuts on something in her mouth the other day and I looked and she had a whole strawberry in her hand. She was sucking so hard on that thing! So I stuck her in the highchair and gave her some more. I usually cut it up or put it in the little fruit net thing. But she loved being able to bite it with her one tooth. The other one just cut through a few days ago so they're comin...finally.
Jayci, she had a death grip on my hand and trying to shove it in more.

Kyla wanted her picture taken of eating a strawberry too.
Presley with her dainty little bites. That's her!

This was how I found Presley, again. She ate an entire chocolate chip cookie! Thanks to Kyla for leaving the bag of them on the floor. My girls do not get sugar ever so she was lucky. (and in heaven!) Little stinker.
And this is Presley's new face she makes, all the time. We love it and think it's hilarious! She also breathes really fast out of her nose when she does it. Who's kid is this?? I guess Presley has done more lately, sorry Jayci! Although she has mastered the stairs, if I didn't tell you that yet. That's about it! Lots of pictures for ya, take it all in!


henline crew said...

Cute!! I have that same sweater that Kyla is wearing at the park for Mady. I bought it for our family pics this fall. Those little girls are getting so big!!!

the fellers said...

haha, lots of fun pics, so cute!! I love that face...and man, I dont know if I could have identical twins, those two pics of them in the swings, loving life, they look like the same baby to me! haha They are dang cute though!

kyleandtaryn said...

Cute! The last picture is so funny because Claire used to do the same thing too! And breath fast out of her nose. Who knows where they get that kind of stuff from. lol. I love how much the twins liked the swings. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Too Cute!!!!! Love the new face my niece makes that one and still does she is 4 lol

Janas Bananas said...

I love how Kyla wanted to eat a strawberry too. My kids do that all the time and I think its sooo cute. They are getting sooo big, it must be fun to watch the 2 do new stages together....

Lynn said...

So cute! I am so glad you are enjoying each and every moment with your girls. It doesn't last long. Soon they are gone and move away. I love seeing how you record every moment and cute thing (or bad thing.LOL) that they do. So fun!

Mark and Hilary said...

cute girls!!

Anonymous said...

cute pictures!