Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I don't know

I was doing so good last week with my blogging, but this week...nothing. I don't really have anything to write, but I feel I need too. I also have a feeling this will be a "let it all out post". I know there are people out there that hate the blogging world for how personal it can get. I do have an amazing life and I never really have anything negative to write about. I like to try and look at the positive in everything, but trust me I do have my days. I'm not perfect. But to me this is my journal and I get a lot of comfort in writing. So too bad, this is me and my life and all the frustrations that come with it. (Today anyways) I am on the verge of tears with frustration, so I think writing about it will help. First of all I am a little annoyed with some glitches in my business that happened but hopefully i'm fixing it and things are smoothing out. I guess thats bound to happen when starting a new business. Second, well maybe second, third, fourth, and fifth, maybe even sixth! We just have had one thing after another going wrong, and all in one day! I try so hard to stay positive through tough situations but honestly i'm wearing out from being so strong all the time. Things are great with Dustin and I and we have gotten through some hard times before and I know we'll get through it this time. I think we are going to make some changes in our life, not drastic but it's definately time for a change. I honestly don't know what else to write. I'm blank and that's normally not me. I am going to hate myself for posting this because I hate being upset, especially sharing when I am with other people. I do love Dustin and my girls and they make my days insanely happy. I honeslty think everyone should be blessed with twins because it's amazing. And so many people say how having a toddler at the same time would be a handful, but I wouldn't of had it any other way! She is such a big helper and keeps these babies entertained when i'm tied up on the phone or cooking dinner. They are already so close.
Well I guess i'm done. I have no news, no pictures and i'm having a hard day. So i'll stop while i'm ahead. I love all of you who comment on my life, it's great to hear what you have to say about my crazyness. I do love my life SO much, I never thought it was possible to be this happy, to be this blessed with what I have.
I know this post makes no sense, but it makes sense to me and just to know someone is reading it makes me feel like i'm talking to others about my frustrations. It's kind of like therapy I guess!
aaaand, it could always be worse!


Mindi said...

Sometimes venting is the best medicine. There are times where I feel the only ones I can turn too are my journal and my blog. It helps to have another set of eyes and ears besides those we live with, to help us through stuff. Whatever you are going through, tomorrow is a new day. Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is good to vent!!! let it all out Girl!!!!

Kels said...

i hope you are having a better day today. i guess blogging is sort of therapeutic, eh? change is always good. it pushes us to be better, so whatever "changes" you are going to make, i know they'll be for the best.

henline crew said...

Everyone has their days and its nice to know that we are all normal. You shouldn't feel bad about writing it down, especially if that helps you. I hope all works out the way you want it too. We just all have to take it one day at a time especially us moms!!!! Hope you feel better soon!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Bad days are part of the deal I guess. Writing it out on YOUR BLOG is sooo okay. If someone doesn't want to read it they can just click away. Tomorrow will be a better day! (That's what my sister always tells me when i have a bad day...and she's always right)

Lynn said...

Vent away! We girls ALL have those days. It's not good to keep things inside all the time or continually try to be "strong" all the time.

Like Henline Crew's nice to know you are normal.

P.S. I hope the issues you are having with your business turns out okay for you. Just remember that there are ups and downs with that too. Always. Trust me. I know. We've had our home business for 16 years. We are now on the down side of our ups and downs again. It's a constant roller coaster....but hey...if you like roller coasters, that's what makes it fun!

Don't worry about my order if that is one of your issues. I can wait VERY patiently for it. ; )