Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I officially have a 3 year old! How crazy is that. Her birthday was on Saturday and I know i'm a little late posting this but things have been crazy around here. I had my parents and sister Stephanie here for it. She wanted a pink princess birthday so she got one! She loved every minute of it. We had pink koolaid, pink decorations, pink cake and everyone had to wear pink. She actually wore a white dress I bought her a while ago and shopping is very minimal up here so she wore that and looked pretty dang cute in it I must say! We had tons of fun! Here are some things on why we love Kyla.
She is such a smart little girl and remembers everything, I mean EVERYTHING. She can sing the alphabet, spell her name, draw really good pictures of people (especially our family) spiders, suns, cars, bugs, and more. I asked her to draw our family and this is what she did, you have to click on it to read who they are. These are all in her words.She knows all her colors, shapes and opposites (She's known most of these things for the past 6 months or more) She is a true girl, loves to wear dresses, get her hair done, paint her nails, princess everything and of course pink everything. Majority of her shirts are pink I noticed the other day, oh well i'm not complaining I love pink too! She loves nursery and knows who Joseph Smith was (the first prophet) and he got baptized and built a temple. She "needs" everything. She says, "Mom I NEED that, I need it!" I wish I could remember all the funny things she says because she is hilarious and definately keeps me on my toes! She recently, I mean just the past couple days, started asking me in depth questions about things and WHY. Everything is "Why?" and then i'll answer simply and she asks "but why?" so until I give her a fully explain in detail answer she keeps asking. I'm like what the?? where did this come from? Oh funny story. The other day we were eating dinner at the table with my parents here and I asked her to do something I can't remember exactly but she yelled at me, so I said "Kyla don't yell at mommy, it's not nice." So she yelled it again and I said "that makes mommy sad, do you like making me sad?" She says, "no" So I told her "you need to say sorry to me for yelling" she says "No mom you say sorry to me!" umm, excuse me! So as I try not to laugh I said "no Kyla you yelled at mommy and you need to say sorry." (so while this is going on she is staring right at me quite intensly I must say! and not looking away, so i'm trying not to laugh) meanwhile my family is at the table covering and hiding their faces because they are laughing so hard. Anyways I said, " I didn't yell at you, you yelled at me so you say sorry." Once again she said "NO You say sorry to me!" This kid was NOT giving in! This went on back and forth for a couple minutes. I was not going to give in either! So my mom whispers to me, "just say sorry to her and see what she does." So I did, I said, "sorry Kyla" and she goes "sorry mom" (quietly) What a BUTT! Seriously! It was quite entertaining for my family. I lately have been sticking to things and my decisions so she knows what she can't get away with but man this was SO out of nowhere and I didn't know what to do, she caught me off gaurd! Anyways, she also hates it when I get upset, she says, "Mommy don't be mad!" and of course this is when i'm about to explode and so frustrated, she says this over and over until I smile and tell her that i'm not mad. This girl is full of personality and such a sweetheart. She is also definately a leader. She loves to boss her little sisters around but mostly just loves to just play with them. She spilled something on the carpet the other day when I told her not to come into the livingroom with it and she did of course, so I didn't get mad but I said "Kyla mommy said not to come in here and now I have to clean it up" she goes, "it's ok, it's ok mom, i'm still your best friend." So cute. She always tells me i'm her best friend and I LOVE that. Well here are some pictures of her birthday! We got her a leapfrog "my first computer" It's awesome. I recommend it!

new skates from Grandpa Petersen

She loves Aunty Stephanie

Making her pink koolaid with Grandma and GrandpaHappy 3rd Birthday Beautiful!


Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! How fun your family is! Loved the history you wrote for your daughter. She will love reading this someday.

Your family is so BEAUTIFUL! I can see where you get your genes from. Your mom and dad look so YOUNG! And so cute!

Happy birthday Kyla!

Sue said...

Oh happy Birthday! Love you all!

Ashley said...

Happy birthday Kyla! She's such a cutie. I LOVE that picture of your little family that your parents took and the fact that you can see them in the reflection of the mirror. too funny.

Kels said...

i was going to say the same thing about the mirror reflection.
so now i will say, super job on the cake--- it turned out really cute! what a nice mom you are. and good sports, to make it such a special day for her!

Caroline said...

Ah! Happy birthday to Kyla! What a sweety! The pics are just beautiful.

Janas Bananas said...

Looks like a fun pink party!!! I wish I would have made a journal of all the cute things my kids ever said, I always think I will remember but then I don't and pretty soon they older and not saying cute funny things anymore....well just in a diffren't way, they are still cute. Anyway, glad you had a fun day!!

amieandmichael said...

haha i love hearing the little stories. looking forward to that someday!

Carrie said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are such a cute little family. I love that you threw a 'pink' party, what a good idea. And Kyla's cake is amazing - I want to learn to do icing like that!

Jessica.B said...

i love the pink theme! so adorable! (my favorite color!) how fun that your family got to be there to celebrate...and WOW on the cake. it looks fabulous! you are so multi-talented!!

happy belated birthday to kyla and happy easter!