Monday, March 30, 2009

The twins!

First I want to tell you guys thanks for your opinions on my pictures, and I finally picked one. But it wasn't one on her website. She e-mailed me more from that day and I fell in love with a different one, so you'll have to go to the site to see which one I picked. Although I did agree with you all on which ones you liked because those were all my picks too. But ya let me know what you think! Oh and click here to go there, or as always the link on the right.

So Jayci and Presley are 10 months old!! Well they were 10 months on Friday the 27th but I didn't have time to sit down and update. I can't believe it has been 10 months since they came into my life, 10 months since I gave birth to two tiny beautiful little girls. I don't want to get to into the memories, i'll save that for their 1st birthday post. Which is in 2 months!!! (If you didn't already figure that out!) So they are constantly changing. I'll keep this as short as I can, because first I have way too much house cleaning to do. My parents are coming this weekend so I decided we might as well do our spring cleaning/de-junking/going through the girls clothes all at the same time! And second it's better for you! Well they are both crawling on all fours, but they are doing exactly wht Kyla did. They love the army crawl and hey I guess it works! But they do know how to actually crawl so that's exciting. This weekend they started showing major interest in the stairs and within two days they learned to pull themselves up to standing onto the bottom stair and yesterday Jayci went up two! She also pulled herself up to standing to the couch. I love it!! Presley can walk along the bottom stair while standing on it, and i'm pretty sure Jayci can too, I just haven't seen it fully. I guess we better get a gate! They are both still nursing but I am going to start weaning them off onto homo milk. Now that they both eat pretty much everything and are getting all their nutrients, they say you can start at 10 months. I think i'm pretty much ready to be done as well. I said my cut off was 1 year, after that I think it's a little weird. No offense to anyone but thats just me. I am so grateful I was able to nurse them for this long, I never thought I would be able to. I just stuck to it no matter what! I did go through a tough time just before Christmas, I got mastitis....not fun. I thought I had the flu really bad until I noticed a huge lump and it hurt! (I know this is probably TMI, just deal with it) ;) anyways I was very sick for like 3 days, dead on the couch, and wanted to die! But I still nursed, of course I was wondering why after nursing for 8 months I got it all of the sudden because most people get it when they first start. Well I got some blisters and cracks and even some bleeding for like a week and a half before and then I got mastitis which is a bacteria infection that resulted from that. I figured out I was getting those from laying in bed feeding them and I would fall asleep and they would still be half latched for like hours at a time! Ya so it's my fault. BUT in my defense I was exhausted from my thyroid because I wasn't on medication then so I didn't even have the energy to sit up and feed them, ya I didn't care at that point. Anyways I toughed it out and got through it because I knew it would heal and well I did not want to quit nursing. So for those of you that think it's not possible, well I did it....with twins! Not that i'm judging i'm just proud of myself for enduring it and it was worth it!
So for those of you that helped me out with my nursing to sleep problem....thank you! (if you want to read it go here) I can't believe how much help and feedback i had, it was so awesome and I would go back all the time and read what you guys all said because it would keep giving me that determination. So here is the result. Presley was so easy, she would fuss a bit and then give in and go out so she is fixed, I guess that's one way to put it, she's fixed! Jayci on the other hand is still broken, she would scream and scream forever. Presley must like her crying because it never keeps her up, instead it puts her to sleep! Weird girls. anyways so I still haven't got her down and my next step is to do it in intervals, start with 5 minutes, then 10, then 15 and then I hope she gets it. I'm trying it this week and if that doesn't work, well then we are weaning them onto milk anyways and she'll have no choice! So wish me luck! Oh and their weights and stuff I don't know, I weighed them about a month ago and they were both around 17lbs so like the 15-20th percentile I think and I don't know their heights either. Bad mom! normally I would be on top of this!
Well this post is getting long and taking way too much time, so here are some pictures of course of the girls at 10 months old. Oh and my next post is going to be dedicated to Kyla, since she turns 3 on Saturday! (and I kind of feel like she is being neglected here) Crazy that i'll have a 3 year old! Oh and i'm attempting a fondant cake for it, first time so wish me more luck on that.

Jacyi in the yellow flower(right) and Prelsey in the pink flower(left)


Lynn said...

Good for you for nursing THAT long and through ALL that pain when you got sick. My hat is off to you. What beautiful and HEALTHY babies you have to show for it too.

HAPPY 10 months to the twins!

P.S. Great pic on your business site too!

Tabitha & Ryan said...

Your twins are absolutly ADORABLE!!! I just can't get over how cute and perfect they are!!! I'm not usally one to post a comment but i just couldn't resist for this one, they are way to cute!!!

henline crew said...

So cute!!! Crazy how time flies eh? I was talking to Stephanie on sunday and how she was going up there for Kyla's birthday. Crazy that she's 3 already. I remembered when Jared turned 3 and it was so weird, like that was officially the end to his "baby-ness" and now he's almost 4!!! Oh and I'm so glad for you that Presley is going to bed with out nursing, one more down and she'll be doing the same before you know it!!

Kels said...

I am so glad you stuck to nursing them this long, I can't imagine there being two to feed! I guess it gets easier, but right at the beginning, that must have been all you were doing, cause it felt like it's all I did, with one! I said the cut-off for Norah was a year too, and now that's only one month away and it makes me sad. It came too fast. I wish us both luck with the weaning, and happiness after-wards wearing normal bras---YAY!!!
P.S. cute pic. I am just always more drawn to the black and whites for some reason.

The Ririe Family said...

I totally can feel for you! I had mastitis too and it sucked! I was just like the flu! horrible... And you best get a baby gate, before you know it, they will be walking!

the fellers said...

oh they are just so cute!

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Kristy and Brandon said...

i love them! cutest baby legs too.. i cant wait to send the ones up that we ordered. Love the flowers too.. How adorable. xoxo!