Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I knew it was Coming

So I got tagged for one of these, and I actually don't mind doing them when i'm bored!

1. What is your husband's name: Dustin
2. How long have you been married: It will be 4 years in April
3. How long did you date before you got married: a year and a half
4. Who eats more? Dustin, he's twice my size!
5. Who said I love you first: Dustin
6. Who is taller: Dustin, he's 6'4 and i'm 5'3 but i like it that way, he can take care of me (like carry me to bed cuz I always fall asleep on the couch!)
7. Who is smarter: I think I am to be honest, but shh don't tell him
8. Whose temper is worse: Well Dustin is definately more patient
9. Who does the dishes: We have a dishwasher thanks goodness, but I mostly load and unload and he helps when he's home. He's really good at helping.
10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: I do, I always have to sleep on the same side where ever we are
11.Who pays the bills: I do, Dustin wouldn't pay them if he did it, he would rather have the money in the account??
12. Who cooks dinner: Well Dustin did for the first couple years cuz I could never think of what to cook, but I woulsd always help. Now I do most of the time. He is more creative though and i'm getting there. I'm learning to like it actually.
13.Who is more stubborn: Probably me, but he can be stubborn too!
14.Whose parents do you see the most: Mine but not by much.
15.Who kissed who first: He says it was me but it was him, he wanted me!
16.Who proposed: Dustin, i don't think i would ever propose
17.Who is more sensitive: me forsure
18.Who has more friends: Dustin! he is friends with EVERYONE, even the bums on the street are his friends
19.Who wears the pants in the family: probably me more, but we make decisions together most the time
20.Where did you meet your husband: Through my best friend in high school
21.Where was your first date: In the hospital cuz he got hit by a car and had to get stiches in his head and he got beat up pretty good from it. We were supposed to watch a movie with friends though.
22.Where was your first kiss: On his couch
23.Where did you get engaged: In my room, he made me breakfast in bed and the ring was under the platter...aww

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