Friday, September 28, 2007

Bed of Roses

I have been sick for the past week and I just got over it a few days ago. I felt really gross and had no energy, it was kind of hard because I had no time to be sick I was so busy so I just went on hoping it would go away, it eventually did. But on Wednesday Dustin came home from work with some red roses for me. I loved them. He rarely gets me flowers, but when he does it's special. I just wanted to brag about how wonderful of a husband I have and how happy we are with our family. I hope everyone can be as happy as we are!

So, I showed Kyla how to smell the flowers and she was too cute. I decided to snap some pictures and be a photographer. Some of them turned out not too bad, I guess my daughter is just photogenic! ;)

I love her little pigtails, and how everytime I do them they are a little longer. My little blondie.


Angie said...

Lucky you! Kyla is so cute, I'll see her on tuesday!

Sarah C said...

Very cute! Brighton loves to smell flowers... but it is just just doesn't have the same "cuteness factor" (is that a word) when it is a boy doing it. Although Todd did teach him how to dribble a basketball the other day... that was soooo cute, I will have to take pictures!

Ashlee said...

Adorable! I haven't seen Kyla since Kimmy & Brendan's wedding 1.5 years ago. She's so much bigger now. So cute!