Thursday, March 03, 2011

Life is so fun

No it's not really. It's kinda gay around here.

I'm pretty much the grouch of the century and my kids are just crazy as always, and my husband is trying to comprehend that this is his life. (I think anyways.)

I'm trying to get this house ready for the 6th member of our family. (I did write 5th and had to delete it and put 6th, just thought i'd share that). I have been cleaning dressers and corners that have been neglected for long enough that we won't put a time on it, and laundry, holy crap LAUNDRY. I know what your thinking, it's only going to get worse! I need more dressers around here. I bought more laundry baskets, so I have one in pretty much every corner of the house so i'm hoping that makes a difference. Plus trying to constantly keep up with the messes these girls make, and regular house work on top of it all. I finally feel like i'm getting somewhere though. I was thinking it might be nesting, but don't you need energy for it to be called nesting? Mines kind of forced. I'm just preparing for this baby to come early, just in case. If I go further, then great!

Here are some of the latest highlights since your probably sick of hearing about me and the pregnancy...

Kyla is well... Kyla. Her latest thing is to mock me. She copies what I say and says it with this little snarky voice and tilts her head back and forth, blinks uncontrollably and laughs. Clearly making fun of me. But it gets better, when i'm being serious I guess I make this face with my eye brows raised and my eyes widen, Dustin always makes fun of it too, and she will make the face back at me and move her mouth as if she is talking and she pretty much looks like a nerd but she is totally making fun of my face expression and how I say things. She thinks it's hilarious and Dustin got a kick out of it last night because he's like, "well that's what you look like!" It is not. They are both lying.

Jayci and Presley and just getting too smart. They talk in full sentences, know all their colors, numbers and are even learning what words start with what letters. We can thank Kyla for this, since that is all she talks about lately. Their imaginations are so funny and they are just crazy little girls. They are obsessed with who's a boy and who's a girl and tell us what everyone is.

We started a new tradition this last week. Dustin does the grocery shopping (he cooks too have I ever mentioned that? he's pretty awesome) and it's usually in the evening if it's a smaller list, actually even if it's a long list. So we started letting the girls go one at a time with him while he goes. Kyla has gone a few times but the other night we let Presley go and she was so excited. She loved every minute of it. Of course Jayci wasn't to happy she couldn't go and Kyla was also disappointed but they got over it. They were gone maybe an hour and I put Jayci and Kyla to bed since it was their bedtime and Presley had a huge nap that day so I knew she would be up later anyways. When Dustin came through the door Jayci ran down the stairs so fast, yelling "Presley's Home!" over and over and ran and gave her the biggest hug as if she hadn't seen her in years. It was so funny. Pres was so proud of the food they bought and showed us all. It was so cute.

I read in the book I bought about twins and giving them separate time and attention because it's easy to just treat them as a unit, which I totally get. So I think this is something small we can do for that. This book is awesome by the way, i'm just starting it and i've learned so much, and a lot of it is simple and common sense but it's a great reminder because I think as moms we worry so much about doing things the "right" way, when really it's common sense and we need to use our better judgment on things for our own children.

Anyways i'll let you know when i'm a master mom, i'll tell you what your all doing wrong. ha just kidding. But seriously this book is really good, so go buy it.

We took the girls swimming this weekend with just us, and we had so much fun. The water was so warm, so I was super happy! Kyla is a fish, and Presley was quick to follow but Jayci took over an hour before she felt comfortable leaving the edge with us holding her. They were all in life jackets, but we had them in the deeper end of the kids pool where they couldn't touch and we would take them out away from the edge and swim with them, but Jayci was not having it for a while. She finally warmed up to it and after that she did great! I need to get Kyla in swimming as soon as possible, or as soon as I want to leave the house once a week and take all the kids... ya i'm kind of selfish that way.

Well that's about it. I have little pictures these days. Unless you want to see the girls doll obsession. K fine i'll show you. This is what Jayci and Presley did last week while Kyla was at school. They do this all the time and this is what they fight over and play with constantly. So it's a win lose situation because they are so busy with them all the time but they also fight over who gets what etc etc.

Snow White (missing her dress) on the end is my favorite.

That's all.

Sorry I never told you what the book is. I wrote about it in a previous post, it's called "The Big Book of Parenting" by Michelle Borba.

Oh I totally forgot to tell you the most exciting thing lately. I finally found a diaper bag! I've looked at a million sites for way too long, and even at large purses because that's actually what I use now, and it's been great but it's almost too big and it's kind of falling apart. I'm into the black and white, and wanted something still girl-ish since i'm the one using it. So I scored this weekend on this Fleurville diaper bag and got 70% off!! I paid $40 for it. Which is pretty much the cheapest i've seen anything decent out there. SCORE!



Megan said...

What book is it? Good luck with getting everything ready for #4!!

leger_mary04 said...

Sounds like things are going well. I'll have to check out that book.

Amanda said...

Where did you find Fleurville diaper bags on sale?! I want one for my baby too!

Francis Family said...

I lucked out and got it on sale at a store around the corner from my house, they are moving locations and want to sell out on everything. She originally told me 50% off then at the till told me she'd give me 70% off! Wish I could tell ya it was easy to get one! sorry!

kelsey said...

I love all the princesses lined up. So awesome.