Tuesday, February 22, 2011

32 weeks!

OR 8 months. Which sounds better.

Holy mother I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. I know I keep saying that but i'm waiting for it to slow down but it just seems to go faster. I can tell i'm getting to the end because I now get the swelling in my legs after church, which is the only time I wear heels so I don't think that helps. It's not too bad though, i've had worse in my previous pregnancies. I also don't really feel huge, I definitely feel like I have a belly but i'm waiting for the "holy crap, i'm gonna die" feeling. Maybe it's because i've carried twins and I was MUCH larger with them so this doesn't feel as big. Or that feeling is still to come...

I have had such a great pregnancy and I don't even know what to write about it because there isn't much to write about. I've had it pretty easy. Some days I have more energy than others but I like having lazy days and will take them whenever I need them. The girls are becoming more work lately and that's probably the hardest part right now. They are constantly fighting, it's driving me crazy! They fight over little things such as these little princess figures and strawberry shortcake dolls, who has which one, and always stealing each others. It's getting to the point i'm going to take them all away and see if it changes. Dustin thinks they'll just find other stuff to fight over, and i'm sure he's right but i'm willing to try it. The hardest part is the twins throw the biggest tantrums, like freaking out crying, so I have to take them to their rooms because they can last forever! They need to be locked in a room until they calm down but when they are both freaking out, they don't walk, so I end up having to drag them both up the stairs to their room and I just can't do it anymore. So I need to figure something out. I bought a book today, called "The Big Book of Parenting" i've been wanting it forever so I finally went downtown and got it. It's HUGE. I guess that's why they call it the "big" book. So i'm assuming i'll be an amazing mom after reading it. ha.

I still haven't done much to get ready for the baby, but this weekend when Dustin is off we are doing it all. Getting everything on the list (diapers etc), washing the baby clothes we have and organizing them into what could be for a boy since we did have a few unisex sleepers and stuff from the twins, and washing all the baby stuff such as the baby swing cover, car seat cover, bassinet bedding etc. I also still have lots to do around the house to organize, so i'll be doing little bits here and there and some projects I want to make such as receiving blankets, burp cloths and a carseat canopy. Talk about last minute.
When I think about how soon this baby will be here, I kind of freak out inside. Ok I freak out a lot! Like it's really happening and there is no going back and how soon it is and that i'm doing the newborn thing all over again already. Hoping the delivery is smooth and that i'm really going to actually deliver another baby! I'm actually more excited than nervous for this baby and I can't wait, Dustin said he isn't nervous either, maybe we are just crazy.

Dustin always asks me in my bad pregnancy moments, "so do you think this is our last baby?"
Yes great timing to ask, when I am in the middle of my "I hate my life speech" of course it's a little dramatic and Dustin just lets me go on but I hate answering that question. Ya 4 kids is a lot and it was our plan to always have 4. I think it's just hard for me to even think about being done having babies because I never thought i'd be done so young and it's kind of a big deal to think about. So of course we haven't made a set decision because now is not the time to make a decision like that, but it is crazy to think of how fast we have had these kids when this isn't what we expected at all. It's weird how life works out and it's weird how I wouldn't change it for anything.
Well I think that's all I have to say for now. I've been really bad at blogging these last couple months, but our life has been pretty low key lately.
So here is yet another pic, this is today, 32 weeks. Ignore the fat pants that make me look 10 times larger. It's pretty much all I wear these days and I could care less!
8 more weeks to go!!!


kelsey said...

that was fast! I seriously can't even believe you're going to have four children! I know what you mean though, that is a big decision to say when you will be done. We just had this talk as a couple the other day (not that we're done, but just the "how many" talk) lol.

Good luck these last few weeks, I am still dying to know what pops out of you!

Amie said...

Don't stop at four Mindy! You guys make adorable children!! And you have many years still!

The Harker Family said...

I know, I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I don't want this to be my last baby....but can I handle four? Maybe not! We'll see after this one! You are going to do a great job raising your fourth! You can do it! Plus, you have your mini-adult daughter to help you. Gotta love Kyla! Now take it easy and enjoy these next 8 weeks! They will fly!

Kaylee said...

Ha fat pants, sure Mindy. You look super good for 8 months and you'll stay that way till the end i'm sure! Someone was having their fourth the other day and I said that seems like alot, but then I saw someone with 5 and thought same thing. You'll do awesome. Tell me in four months how it is and then I'll decide when I really want another... gotta get outta my parents house 1st...;) good luck with delivery and #4

baileyball8 said...
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Janas Bananas said...

I think being done having your kids young is great! You will be able to be a spunky grandma!! I had my last at 27 and I am glad it worked out the way it did, even if we didn't plan it that way.
I would not stress too much about it, you will know if you are done or not and when that time comes it comes.. I just barley decided a few months ago that I am done...no more for me, even though I really decided 5 years ago, I finally just came to terms with it and thought "yep, I am done" I like where I am at with my kids now, I loved having babies and I miss it tons but I love having older kids more.
On another note, I agree, your pregnancy went crazy fast! 8 months already!!

P.s that deleted comment was me, I was under my daughters name..

Morgan said...

Sounds like your pregnancy is going so well! Congrats!!

Morgan @ PDB