Friday, March 11, 2011

I guess i'm large

I always read these things of what not to say to a pregnant person, and I just think if people ask they obviously aren't thinking and are just trying to make conversation about your pregnancy.

Today I had my own experience with it. Dustin and I were in the mall in a store (the first time out of the house since my "accident" and I did pretty well, considering. ha) Anyways this younger girl who works there came up and this was our conversation,

Worker girl: "Oh you look like you must be due soon!?"

I smile, she continues "Like within a few days eh!?"

Me kind of jokingly: "Actually in 5 weeks, but thanks!" in thanks for making me feel huge! ha

Well you think after that she'd stop and kind of feel bad right?....

Worker girl: "Oh wow, are you having twins then?!"

Me: "Um no... but I did last time."

and the rest was a blur, I think she walked away or said something else to us but I was kind of out of it. I will never wear that shirt again, and if I didn't feel huge before I definitely do now!

I wasn't mad, it was just funny how people really don't think before they speak.

So I just thought it was funny for me to actually experience the things people say to pregnant women after reading so many of those types of things lately, and not having that experience this pregnancy yet.

By the way Kyla said we are naming the baby, Doke.

Cute eh?


kyleandtaryn said...

Some people hey?! They really have no idea, not until it happens to them. Haha.
Glad you are feeling better, even though you are far from huge you're supposed to feel like you are near the end. I think you look beautiful as always.
Okie Doke Kyla! :)

Jennie Holt said...

people are retarded. ha ha and love doke!!

mad about him!!! said...

awesome name...justin wants to name this baby ice age...i asked him what if it's a girl? he said we'll call it girl ice age...

barefoot said...

I just posted something similar today! lol
I recently gained weight and I guess my face is skinny because I've been getting those questions a lot.
people definitly don't think.
anyways, you're not alone.

Alison said...

Mindy, you are NOT big! You look so cute! She probably doesn't have kids. i remember when I was preggers with Jada I was tiny and the only person that called me huge was a friend from high school that did not have kids. Some people have no clue!

Amie said...

You are looking amazing Mindy... don't let some random make you think otherwise. I'm also sooo excited to find out what you have!! I am rootin for a boy! But another girl would be great for you guys too im sure! Love yaa!!

the fellers said...

some people children, seriously? I made a HUGE honest to goodness mistake when I worked at the dental office in Edmonton. I could not see the lady or her stomach, because the counter was high and covered it and I got her mixed up with a different new patient that was coming in right after her that was due to have a baby within a couple of months. Anyway, I asked her when she was due, she told me she wasnt pregnant, and while doing so moved her purse infront of her, then she continued to tell me she just had a baby, I asked her how old her baby was and she said 1 year...ummmm...I felt SOOOOO bad, I tried to explain myself, but just made it worse. She went into the bathroom and didnt come out for a long LONG time, I seriously felt like crying, because I didnt think she LOOKED pregnant, I couldnt even tell, I just...whatever, anyway, it was so embarassing, and I felt so bad for I always keep my mouth shut now...I HATED it when people told me I was HUGE when I was that is what I want to hear, and they would say it with a BIG smile on their face that I wanted to slap off. Ugh...I think you look so cute, you are so trendy and adorable...Dustin is a lucky man....I wish I could look as good as you, and yay for making it to 35 weeks!!