Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another injury

No not me this time. ha.

As if we don't have enough drama going on in this house lately. It wouldn't be a normal month for us without something though!

Jayci and Kyla were jumping off the stairs into a pile of pillows and blankets (not my idea) while I was running around like a mad woman getting everyone ready to take Kyla to school. I told them to stop or someone's going to get hurt, did they listen? no. So I was brushing my teeth, heard a loud bang, and Jayci screaming. I ran out and she totally missed the pillows and blankets when she landed and hurt her foot. I didn't find out until later but Kyla said she jumped from the top stair! That's 7 stairs she cleared...

Crazy child.

Anyways all day she couldn't even stand on it or move it, and was crying in pain constantly and I had to carry her around, I felt so bad. I didn't want to take her to the hospital, ugh I hate the dang hospital. So I waited for Dust to get home from work and he took her in and luckily it was just a sprain. Yay!

So now it's all wrapped up. It's so sad her foot is so tiny to be in a bandage. But they were in and out within an hour and half, and up here, that is a miracle. I'm glad we got it checked, it's better safe than sorry right? Especially when it comes to my girls.

So she's okay. Just add this onto our list of trips to the hospital! Who's next?

Let's hope it's me when I go into labor... by the way this baby is seriously going to fall out. I'm so low and so heavy, it's like and angled watermelon ready to shoot out. Seriously.


Julie said...

So glad it was just a sprain. Hope it heals quickly.

Ugh! I so know that feeling you're talking about at the end of the post. That about to fall out feeling. Ugh! Hope all goes well for you and no one else gets hurt.

henline crew said...

Ah the life of a mother! I'm glad she's ok.

Janas Bananas said...

Dina was a watermelon, she knows all about your pain!
Glad she is o.k, a cast is never any fun. My brothers and I used to do stupid stuff all the time, out favorite game was rolling of the top bunk onto the floor and the person who could get inbetween the bed and the dresser without hitting it was the winner...I am surprised we lived to tell the story!!

Jordana said...

Aaw, poor Jayci! That will be a funny story to tell later on though. I can't believe how brave your girls are, I don't even know if my kids would jump off 2 stairs, they're such chickens, but maybe that's a good thing. :)