Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween weekend!

We are back from one busy weekend! Most of the busyness was from tending to kids! It was crazy to see so many kids in our family now. I finally got to meet Laynie and Deklin, and I spent every minute I could with them! I hate how far I live from them, but we had so much fun while we were all together. I loaded a ton of pics so i'll just explain as I go.

The biggest baby hog was Dust, he always had one. I think he is going to love having another baby around soon.

The second biggest was me of course. Look at me go, like a pro, multi tasking two babies. Burping one and rocking the other with my foot. I'm good.

Grandma and Grandpa with all their grandkids!

Britt, Jeff and Laynie on Laynie's blessing day

Little Laynie and me

Presley and Deklin, they loved to hold the babies and Kyla did too. I'm so mad I didn't get a picture of her holding either of the babies.

Jayci and Deklin

Krist, me, and Kyla

Carving pumpkins. I ended up doing it all myself, and it was a masterpiece! I was quite impressed with myself.
My girls LOVED it.

The amazing Dora pumpkin. Tell me i'm not the best mom ever for this!

Goin trick or treating!
My little witches

And my bumble bee

Ready to go, this was the best picture I could get with them and all the pumpkins.

Their loot.
Which sucked I must say. Every house gave one mini chocolate bar each! Who does that? Their buckets weren't even 1/4 full. Don't be fooled by the 3 bags of chips that pretty much filled them. It's good enough for them, but all the work of going down two long streets and two culdesacs and that was the outcome. I'm not impressed.

Britt and Jeff's ward had a halloween party the night before so we went to it and the kids loved it. They had a kids parade of costumes, and my girls all won prizes. The twins got prettiest costumes, and Kyla got cutest Tot! I was so proud. I yelled, "those are my girls!!" ok not really but I said it, and there may have been a tear.
The gang

Our not so little fam

boys will be boys

Joseph smith and his pirate and pumkin.
ok he's not joseph smith, he was a beetle, but we liked Joseph better.

Another cute little fam
And that's all you get because it took FOREVER to load these. Blogger needs to come up with a better plan for loading pictures. I think i've said that a million times.
Anyways we had a ton of fun and the kids loved it!

In other news, i'm 16 weeks! Told you it's going fast. For me too! I barely feel pregnant half the time, and I forget, a lot. It's true. I feel great! Other than I get worn out super fast. I'm finally able to enjoy it, before I get too big anyways. But here is me at 16 weeks. I think this picture makes me look bigger than I am, maybe it's the shirt. Oh well, almost half way done already!


Dustin, Rachelle & Jaxon Ririe said...

You are looking FAB, Mindy. I love your hair.
Your girls looked SO CUTE- love the costumes! And I have to say I love that picture of you and the two babies. You look like a pro.

Ashley said...

You look so cute! I'm glad it's going by fast for you. That always helps. Looks like you had a fun weekend with the fam!

Cichy's said...

Dora pumpkin...amazing! Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween, nice that you were able to be with your fam! Agree with the picture annoying! You are looking great!

Amy said...

Looks like you had a fun/ busy weekend!! You are the cutest pregnant girl EVER!! And your girls look so adorable in their costumes ( and always).

The Harker Family said...

Such cute pics! You look adorable!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Uploading pics on blogger SUCKS! Good job to you cuz I usually give up trying to add pics. Love the witch costumes. Too cute. And Kinsey loves your Dora pumpkin. We had to make a Cinderella pumpkin here.

Amie said...

Min you look amazing. I can't believe how artistic you are with the pumpkin. Im so impressed! Love all these photos!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Mindy, how do you look so incredible pregnant? and here I am in my 24 year old 'glory' looking TERRIBLE?! GAH! you go girl. And your Mom?! How old is she?! Holy crap girl now I see where your beauty comes from!!! You look amazing girlfriend glad to hear all is fabulous xoxoxox