Friday, November 05, 2010


I had my appointment with the Obstetrician this morning. He did an ultrasound and I love that I got to watch the entire time, instead of a quick 1 minute show like usual. He has a tv up in the corner so you can watch everything he looks at. He measured everything and checked to make sure the baby was ok and developing on track. He said it all looked good! My cervix looks good he said, and that is huge with all the cramping, I was worried something might be wrong. He still is concerned about delivering early, since my last two were both early, but he said we'll worry about it later and he wants to keep an eye on me. He wants to put me on some progesterone to stop the cramping, it just helps "it" relax (it being the uterus I think? ha) which I am so happy about, because other than that I haven't had any other worries lately. Besides the cramping has subsided a lot and I usually only get it when I overdo it, and it's usually at the end of the night when i'm wiped!

He also asked if I wanted to know the sex, and sitting there knowing I could know right then was exciting, but I said no. I'm strong. I also thought about that last night and why I don't find out. I just came to the conclusion that it wasn't a big deal to know now, and I don't "need" to know. So we'll continue to wait! It'll be worth it.

Dustin is back at work, I kind of already hate it. I loved having him home by 4 everyday and off on the weekends while he was in school. I got spoiled. But I am so glad he was here through the worst part of the pregnancy and i'm feeling so good now so it worked out great. He also got transferred out to another job and it's going to be a good thing for him. They really love him out there so he loves working there. He also found out he passed school! He is now a 4th year! He went from a 2nd year to a 4th year in 6 months. That is so huge for us. He also wanted to go to school in Feb to get his ticket but we've been talking about it a lot. I'll be due right in the middle of school, since it's 3 months, not two like the others. I really want him available to take time off and in school you can't. We also need some time to catch up financially from the last 6 months. It kind of killed us and 4 months isn't enough, especially with the baby coming. So we might wait until Sept for him to go again. We'll see.

Random story.

A few weeks ago I pulled up to our house, and we park in back so it's right by our fence. I just got back from getting Kyla from school and all 3 girls were passed out in the car. I pulled up and right beside our fence was this weird looking bird. Something i've never seen before, it looked like some sort of wild bird. So I grabbed my phone, rolled down my window and snapped a couple pictures of it. Later I forgot about it, and last week Dustin and I were sitting in the hospital and he had my phone and was going through the pictures. He goes,

"Mind, why do you have a picture of a pigeon on your phone??"


He laughed forEVER.

I was so sure it was something awesome and that I made some incredible discovery. He just ruined it!

Maybe another time. I could share the picture, but it's on my phone and it's not an awesome phone and I don't have internet on it because i'm cool like that. So you'll just have to use your imagination.

So that's about it, everything is going great and we are back into our normal routine. It kind of feels boring but I think i'm going to enjoy it and relax a lot, and just take it one day at a time.
I would have a belly picture but I put it in the last post. So i'll leave you with a picture of the twins hair after waking up in the morning. It's like this every morning. It's pretty awesome.


The Pratts said...

Phewsh. Glad everything looked good in the ultrasound! And way to go not finding out what you're having. I LOVE to keep it a surprise! And love the bed head, too. :)
P.S. I'm not your visiting teacher anymore! Can we still be friends?

Christine Peterson said...

Find out what you're having, I'm dying to know ;) You are STRONG! I couldn't do it, so good for you guys. I hope it's a little man for Dustin :)That was hilarious the story of the bird, I hate birds. I'd love to see it. Your baby girls are so cute with their hair, it's so blonde! They have so much hair now. Great post :)

Jennie Holt said...

oh don't you just LOVE morning hair!! i Love it every time chloe's hair is messy cause it means she HAS HAIR!!! ha ha so glad baby #4 is lookin healthy! can't wait to see what you have!

Amy said...

I'm so excited for you. Taylor was a surprise and it was so much fun. Glad everything is going well for you and that you are feeling so good!

the fellers said...

I am glad things are going so well, what a relief! I have to tell you, my husband and I just laughed so hard at your pigeon story, I can totally see Dustin getting a huge laugh out of that...hilarious! Shon kept saying, "A pigeon?" He was SO confused! hahaha

Ashley said...

Haha! that hair is awesome!

I'm glad to hear that everything is fine with this pregnancy. What a blessing. I'm amazed at people who are strong enough to not find out what they are having. i wish i was! it's so fun that way.

Riley and Anona Adams said...

Good to hear everything is okay. You are going to love finding out in the delivery room, it was the best thing ever!!! Totally worth it and I think we are going to do that for each of our kids because we both loved the excitement and it was just the best feeling in the world!! Can't believe how big your kids are getting, adorable as ever!!!!

kelsey said...

oh man, norah's hair is the same. it's terrible. nothing a good shower won't fix though, thank goodness!

i'm glad you got to see the perfect little baby. just have your doctor call me and tell me what you are having. i won't tell you, i promise.