Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love Love Love!

This picture is the best.

Can you tell who's who?

I LOVE these two little girls. They are hilarious and are so much fun and make us laugh constantly. They are changing daily, talking more, learning things, and I am enjoying every minute of it. They are so cuddly and will always give you a hug and kiss. They answer "yes" to everything with a little nod, but it sounds more like"yis" with a little girly voice, and it is the cutest thing. They love to dance and I wish I had a video camera because it's the funniest thing. I can't believe they are 2 and a half already.

They are so excited for "baby boy" to come. I swear I never told them to say that, one day I asked if it was a boy or girl and they said BOY and they were quite certain about it too. They ask "I see baby boy?", or if you ask what's in mommy's tummy, they say "boy!" It's so funny. Kyla also thinks it's a boy. I asked her if she would be happy if it were a girl too, she said yes, so that's a relief. I feel like I just had these two yesterday. I remember being in the NICU with them thinking how it felt like forever and I would never be able to take them home, but 3 weeks flew by and now they are little girls. They are 2 and a half already!

The tantrums aren't enjoyable and if you don't answer them they yell it over and over, until you respond with exactly what they said. They have so much personality and great imaginations when they play with Kyla. They really love her and she is a great teacher to them. Always teaching them colors and numbers and they love to listen to her and learn.

I seriously love them so much, and i'm so lucky I get two of them.

ps: check out the hair, I shoved it into a ponytail! I freakin love it! Although it could use a little more hair on the sides. Not too much longer and it'll all fit.

Oh Jayci is on the Right, Presley left. Can you tell a difference?

Pres (with a cut on her chin)

I wish I could have got the other side of this picture

This was them posing. See the shoulder shrug? I wonder where they got that from?!

Yay for sparse ponytails!


Jennie Holt said...

cute cute!! LOVE the pony's i will have to try that with chloe...i am doubtful there will be enough.

Amy said...

Love the ponytails!!! They are starting to pose just like Kyla so cute. Talan said all along that I was having a boy when I was pregnant with Jace and he was right.... just saying haha

Sarah McDonald said...

lol Love it Mindy! Their little pony tails are so cute!!!!

Amie said...

haha so freaking cute Mindy!! I think its a boy too! :)

The Anderson Family said...

They are super cute! Especially the "yis"! Love the ponytails they look a lot older. I think it's a boy baby too.

angie said...

i can't tell the differnce at all!
scarlett does the shoulder shrug too and says "so cute" when she does it. i don't know where she got it from!
i hope it's a boy! that would be fun. i bet dustin would be happy with a little more testosterone in the house.

Lynn said...

I honestly don't know how you tell the difference. Dean has two sets of twin brothers and I can't tell the difference either. He has to point it out to me. I guess when you are just know.

Shelly said...

Haha "shoved it into a ponytail" that's funny! They are pretty adorable sparse ponys :)

kelsey said...

such cute pictures of the girls. I love the shoulder shrug pic, and the ponytails, of course!

Dustin, Rachelle & Jaxon Ririe said...

Love the "posing". A couple of little divas eh!

Morgan said...

Beautiful! They are so very cute!

Morgan @

Ramon Antonio said...

heyy your girls are very very beautiful and yuou family too, that comment is from dominican Republic