Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy month!

This month has been CRAZY!

Dustin finished school! He wrote his test on Friday, so we find out the results in about a week, and he is freaking out. I know he passed but he is nervous. He also got an honors certificate for getting over 85% in school, i'm so proud of him.

It was my Birthday, already blogged about that.

The twins are now both fully potty trained, day AND NIGHT!!! Did you catch that? NIGHT TRAINED!! They all of the sudden started waking up all on their own, and it's been about 6 nights now with no accidents! Jayci woke up last week in the night at 3am saying she had to pee, and went, and woke up that morning dry. A night or two later Presley was doing it too, and since then it's been dry pull ups in the morning. When we run out of these pullups I think it'll be panties all the time. Holy money saver!! They are doing so great and it's all on their own. The only thing we do is supply the candy after each time. We ran out of candy on Saturday and they haven't mentioned it since, but at first I know it helped motivate them. So i'm not going to get more because they are doing great. I didn't bother with a sticker chart, because they were awesome on their own. I couldn't of asked for a better experience! All I know is i'm glad I waited until THEY were ready and it was so easy, and worth the wait. Day and night trained in a week!! I am seriously blessed.

We also took down their cribs, we don't have access to a store with beds for them up here, so we just put their mattresses on the ground, and they love it! They look so little on them in their corners. They sleep all night and go back to bed good, and play way less before they actually go to sleep. It was becoming a little ridiculous with the cribs and how long they would play before going to sleep, and they are beyond ready enough to be out of them. I have a couple beds picked out so when we go down south before Christmas we'll pick them up.

It snowed the other day. Sucky, but it melted and it's just cold now. Thank goodness we invested in the winter stuff last week! I forced the girls outside quick for a shot of the snow. It wasn't that cold, and it was only for a second. I didn't even get them to look at me before they ran in. Oh well. You get to see how cute the twins pigtails are. Their hair is coming, slowly but at least I can do stuff with it now. I love it.

One last important thing. I had an ultrasound today! They wanted to get one to check on the cramping and make sure everything is ok. But we also found out there is definitely only ONE baby in there. yay!! We were prepared for two but are relieved to know there is only one coming! It never gets old seeing your baby on the monitor. It was awesome, and felt that much more real. I'm measuring on track and she said everything looked good and not to worry but i'll see the doctor in a week for the results. We also are not finding out what we're having! (I win) Dustin is naming it if it's a boy and he already has his name and I get to pick if it's a girl, and I have mine. Well a few. I like his name he has too, so it'll all work out. He totally doesn't care if we wait either. So yay for that!

I also think I felt the baby? Two nights ago I felt this nauseating butterfly feeling, and at first I was like, whoa, that was kinda weird. But after a few more times, I thought maybe it was the baby, but thought it was super early, so I looked up how early you can feel it and it said from 14 weeks on, and I am 14 weeks. Especially since i've had babies it'll be more noticable. So it probably is the baby but it's nothing huge, just some butterflies. But still exciting! Every little thing makes such a huge change for me, and makes it seem more real.

Um what else. We are going down south for Halloween this weekend. We are leaving on Thursday after Kyla's school halloween party. I'm so excited for her! I love that she gets a halloween party at school, as i've said before it's a bigger deal for me I think. I was definitely on that volunteer list. I'm also excited to finally meet my new nephew and niece and see my family. It's been forever since we've all got together, and it should be fun!

After that, this month will be over, Dustin will be back to work and life will be back to normal.

I don't have a lot of pictures this post. I haven't took hardly any lately at home, but after this weekend i'm sure there will be a ton of Halloween ones.

I think that's it. One baby, Dustin school, snow, and potty training. Yup that's it.

Have a good Halloween!!!!


The Ririe Family said...

Both potty trained!? WOW! good for you! Quick and painless! We are still working on it. He is getting it, and loves big boy underwear but nothing secure yet. Exciting you guys are coming down! Hope you guys have a great safe trip!

Carrie said...

That's awesome the twins are both potty trained, and good to hear everything's going good with your pregnancy! Can't wait to see halloween pics. I love seeing all the cute costumes at Halloween.

the fellers said...

I am SO jealous that the twins are potty trained! Rylee decided she wanted to go on the potty, so we did that, ran out of diapers, do underwear while at home, some days she is dry all day, some days she is not, we started pull ups, now I am thinking she isnt ready, BUT she refuses to wear diapers, and I refuse to supply her with an unlimited supply of pull ups, they are too expensive, so I am SO jealous, I might just tell her there are no more pull ups one day and see what happens. Yay for Dustin being done school, and I felt this baby at about 14 weeks too...I thought it was too early, but they say that you can feel it earlier with every pregnancy, it is awesome! Fun post!

Jennie Holt said...

whoah you are one lucky momma!! what great kids you have!! and i totally felt my second baby really early its so fun! congrats on the one baby!!

Janas Bananas said...

YOur girls look soo big all of a sudden! all grown up.
You also got to love easy potty training, Brett was the same way. One day he just deided he was gonna go and that was it....mind you he was almost 4 and it was after 8 months of trying!! lol. Stinking boys, they don't potty train as well, but you want to eat them up anyway.

Have fun going home!!

Alison said...

You are so lucky they trained so fast. Seriously, who needs to go through pregnancy AND potty training at the same time!? You look adorable with you tiny baby bump by the way!!

Jordana said...

That's so awesome you're done with diapers...for now! Have a fun trip home, happy halloween!