Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Tree and The Bean

We put up our tree on Monday and I finally finished the "christmas corner" yesterday. So here are a few shots of us decorating. I let the kids do it all and I never fixed one thing and i'm not going too. Dustin guided them and did the high ones, but I was exhausted so I passed out the ornaments. I put the poinsettias on the other day because I found them randomly in the box. The kids did a pretty good job i'd say!

Presley, Kyla, Jayci

Putting up the star!

All finished!
The "corner"
I don't have a lot of room for decor so this is all i'm doing this year. I have one more project i'd love to do but that means another trip downtown. Maybe next week sometime.
ps: know what movie that is we're watching? The girls love it, and I forgot how hilarious it is. It's Elf by the way. I love all these Christmas movies, that's something I remember loving growing up and I think my kids do too.

So this was one of my projects that I started last year. I have an image in my head when we have a house, the "stockings" will go on the fireplace, and the stockings will hang below it. Cute right? So this is our "mantle" this year. Meh it works. Oh and we're missing Dustin's and my stockings because they are red and white and fuzzy and do not match, so we'll just put up the kids for now. Next year I want to make us all new ones, that was the plan for this year, then I got pregnant and lazy. So next year it is, by then we'll have a house too.

We bought the original frosty the snowman movie yesterday for the girls and they LOVE it. See what I mean? oh don't look at the tv, obviously I didn't get around to cleaning it.

Onto the bean. We had our ultrasound yesterday. I love it when I get to watch and I got to see the entire time. Well mostly, until I had to turn away on my side. It took an hour to do! Poor Dustin was waiting in the waiting room the entirSe time! She sure took her time and was very thorough, and showed me everything. It was pretty awesome. She had a hard time getting the other side of the heart so she made me walk around to get the baby to roll over and it wouldn't until she got what she could and brought Dustin in, then it rolled over for her. It was great. I am measuring right on track to the day, so i'm happy about that because i'm feeling pretty big for almost 20 weeks, I think anyways. Picture to come, maybe tomorrow since it'll be Sunday and i'll get ready! ha

So here is the spine, she was obsessed over how "beautiful" it was. Of course it is, it's our baby! duh.

The profile, my favorite. She also said it has a perfect round head. Just like our girls, they all had such round heads.

The foot

The creepy alien face pic. She held it on the face for a while and we saw the hands come up to the face together and the mouth opening and closing. It was so amazing.

the hand and arm

I never got to see the "parts" so no I have no idea what it is. Which is good! Only 20 more weeks and we'll know! Actually i'll be amazed if I go full term given my history. I kinda hope I do though, so I can take all the time I need to get mentally prepared for a 4th kid in the house. It's coming so fast, i'm kinda freaking out. I kind of want another girl because I like my girl names a little better than Dustin's boy name. I'm freaked if it's boy, I know nothing about them.

Well I might be a good mom today and take my kids out to play in the snow since we got a bit more today, we only had a couple inches until today, I think we'll get a few more. It's lightly snowing and no wind, and the girls are obsessed with snow so i'll probably take them out. By the way, did you know December is on Wednesday??! Christmas is SOON! I'm so excited. I have lots of fun stuff planned, and thanks everyone for the great ideas before. I'll share our plans next post. It should be a fun Christmas for the girls!


the fellers said...

I LOVE how you said, "onto the bean" made me laugh outloud for some reasson! I love your christmas decorations, we decorated this week too, but I am OCD and did most of it with Shon's help...I need to be more relaxed like you and let the kids do the tree.....sigh. I cant wait to see belly pics, we are the same, I LOVE that you are waiting until Sunday to take one, I was thinking the same thing! haha

Lynn said...

Beautiful..... The Christmas Corner (love love the stockings sign) AND the pics of your little bean. ; D

Janas Bananas said...

Don't be afraid of the boy thing, they are way funner then you think. I will tell you a secret about boys, after you have one you will look at them sooo different then you ever did, even when you love little boys, when you have your own it's just different. And, they LOVE their mammas!! It will be like you always had one once you have him..haha..Either way you love what you get right??

P.s....Cute tree!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah baby!!! Great shots you got. I miss those days : C anyways love the tree I let the kids do our too this year and about 5 minutes after it was up Will climbed a stool and fell into it backwards so I now have a butt dent in it lol PERFECT!

The Harker Family said...

Gorgeous tree!

I venture to guess it's a boy. The last four ultrasounds I've seen of my friends baby's and also for Cadrien , I have guessed the sex of the baby and was right all four times. So let's see if I'm right here. I will say though that all four of those ultrasound pics were the 3D pics, where you can actually see the baby's face, so I found it really easy to tell if the baby has girl or boy features. So my guess is not as good here! We'll see I guess ;-)