Thursday, April 29, 2010

In my head

School sucks.

I thought it would be way more fun. Nope I was wrong. I like work better. Dustin ends class at 3:30 yay, but then he stays at school to do homework/modules etc until 6-7ish because he can't concentrate at home with the kids, I don't blame him. Then last night he sat on the couch beside me until 11pm doing homework! And he is STILL behind. It was only day 3! What. the. crap.

I'm trying to not complain or say anything, because I want him focused and he is, so it's good. 2nd year schooling is the hardest because this is where they work you hard so the people who think it's "easy" realize, it's not. Plus it's been a while since he was in 1st year so he has to be refreshed with all that stuff. So I just sit there happily watching whatever is on tv. (Last night was ANTM, High Society, and Fly girls) Just sitting beside each other on the couch in totally different worlds, what is that? Weird, that's what it is.

I also told Dustin that this sunday is Mother's Day and until I looked at the calendar this morning I knew no different! I keep messing up holidays! For those who are like me, it's NEXT Sunday, like the 9th. I even told him what I was expecting and that he doesn't get a free pass just because our anniversary is tomorrow. I could just leave it and let him think that it still is on Sunday, then I would get mother's day for two weeks! Last month, Dustin and I were walking in Walmart and it was a Friday and we weren't going to be home until later, like supperish and he needed to make a phone call to a place that was closed by 4 and it's closed weekends. We forgot about it. (This was when he had 4 days off Fri-Mon)

So I say, "Dust you needed to call because now it's the weekend and it's probably going to be closed on Monday."

He says, "why is it closed on Monday?"

I say, "Because it's a holiday!" (a little frustrated)

Him confused asks, "What holiday is it?"

Me "REMEMBRANCE DAY!" (as if he's an idiot for not knowing this)

Him "........., um Mind..... it's April."

So then I come home and I even had it written on the calendar! I knew I did. So I showed him. He says, "why did you even think it was a holiday and write it on there, it's not even written on the 11th, you wrote it on the 12th." He got a kick out of it.

I blame the kids.

Actually, I looked at my big yearly calendar and noticed that on the 12th of April it is Holocaust Remembrance day! That is where I got it from, I knew I saw it somewhere! So there ya go. I was close.

Tomorrow is our anniversary and we are actually celebrating it. (Our anniversary always gets the shaft.) What we're doing, I don't know. Dustin has something planned and he seems excited for it. So i'm excited for it! I also have a few things up my sleeve. I'm sure you'll hear all about them on Saturday. Until then....peace out.


Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope he does have something fun planned for you.

The Pratts said...

Haha, I laughed at your holiday mix-ups! Happy Anniversary! We never celebrate ours, either. So I hope you have a good one!

amieandmichael said...

School definately sucks. At least its only a few months.. Have a great Anniversary! Can't wait to hear about it.

the fellers said...

hahahaha...I am laughing so hard at that remembrance day thing...seriously something I would do. I would be SO bugged with Shon about not knowing that it was remembrance day and make him take me home right that minute to show him my calendar where it says it, RIGHT THERE! haha, you blame the kids, I would do that too! You are so funny...the good thing is, there is an end in sight with his will end one day, I am sorry it is already so tough!

the fellers said...

oh, and Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

The Harker Family said...

The holiday mix up was hilarious! You're too funny! Yes, schools sucks! I've been in university for half my life so I can attest to how much it sucks! But you learn great stuff! Good for Dustin to be so dedicated!

meaghan.p said...

Happy Anniversary, and I hear ya about school, it's like for the next 8 weeks he's in a different world! It's funny about the mothers day thing, Dave thought it was on a wednesday!!! HA HA, it's only been on a sunday for the last 25 years by coincidence!!!!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Ya school isn't so fun eh? I'm glad Tim's done!