Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What do you do at 7am?

I blog.
Not normally but today I did. Normally it takes until 8:00am for me to even function since my girls wake up at 6:30 every morning. I usually lay on the couch, and the girls all climb on top of me, squirming and pushing and laying on my head. I usually can't breathe after about 2 minutes, so I get them a snack or something to do and lay back down. Then at 8:00, Britt calls and we talk for an hour on Skype, and this normally wakes me up.
This morning they are pretty talkative and busy so I just stayed up.

Dustin had this weekend off and I had a ton of stuff for us planned. I wanted to go to the park everyday, color on the sidewalk with Kyla's new Spirograph chalk (remember having the pen sets when you were a kid? I do, now they have them for chalk. How cool eh? She got it for her bday from Emma) I also wanted to play baseball with Kyla and Dustin in the field across the road and just let the little girls run free. We bought her a bat and ball last year, and we went out and got her a new glove and a "real" baseball. It's squishy but small and not so huge like her last one. She loves it. I grew up playing baseball, I played it for 6 years and I loved it. I've always wanted to get back into it but it has been YEARS since i've played so I would definitely need some practice.
Anyways all those plans went down the tubes, when we got hit with this....

This is our van stuck

and that's the mound after shoveling it out.

We had to go out that day, because Kyla had a doctors appointment to get her prescription refilled (another post i've been avoiding) and it had to be done, plus we had a birthday party for the kids that we really wanted to go to. The snow was so heavy and wet and it was still warm out so it wasn't freezing up. The streets were flooding downtown because the drains were getting clogged and the snow was so wet. It was brutal. This was all over 2 days. We had nothing before this, the ground was dry.

When we had Jayci and Presley, most of you know they came 7 weeks early and I got air lifted to Edmonton to deliver them and they had to be in the NICU for 3 weeks. (Pretty short considering they were 7 weeks preemie) We met another set of twins there, 2 boys and they were born at 27 weeks gestation, really preemie. They had already been in the hospital for weeks and just got transferred to our hospital. They have a bigger hospital for super preemies and once they get strong enough they get moved to another hospital for the rest of their stay. These other twins were actually also from up here, so we became friends and got to know each other over those few weeks. They were right beside our twins pretty much the whole time. It was so nice having company during the week when I was by myself everyday. (I had a really hard time without any family, especially Dustin) the whole story is Here if you want to read it.

So we got invited to these boys 2nd birthday party, and we haven't seen them in a long time. We run into each other quit a bit but we haven't really got together and they are moving in a couple months so we really wanted to go to the party. The party was at an indoor little play park and it was perfect for the kids. They loved it!

Dustin enjoying the park, actually he was throwing balls at the kids, when they weren't looking. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Presley. (Do you see the static hair??) I was excited about that.
The parents of the twins

The twins reunited

Lately Jayci and Presley have been into making these spaz faces. It's hilarious.
This is one of Jayci's when I said "say cheese!"

Then I also said, "say cheese Presley!" This is what she gave me.
It's my favorite. Ever.
So since we couldn't do any of my plans, we made the most of it and went outside anyways. It just took us and extra hour to get ready to go out! We had to find all our winter stuff again.

It wasn't that cold out, about -4C. But the wind was cold and you can't tell but in this picture we all have watering eyes. Presley even has a tear. So we decided to take them in. Kyla wanted to play more so Dustin stayed out with her.

And they built a fort! A fort in Fort Mac!
Ok not funny. But kind of funny.
I have to share a story. Dustin and I decided to be awesome parents and lay in bed forever one morning while we let our kids roam free in the house. I heard the downstairs toilet slam shut so I knew they were in the bathroom. Kyla yelled up and said she got them out and shut the door. Thanks Kyla. So we stayed upstairs. A while later we came down and I had to go to the bathroom. I opened the door to find the wrappers of a ton of my "feminine products", all over the floor. But where was the actual "product"?? I looked all over the living room, bathroom, then it hit me. The toilet. Yep almost half a box were shoved into the toilet.
Well at least they know where they go.
Dustin said I have to clean them up because I shouldn't leave them accessible. Does that even make sense? Isn't that the point?

I'll leave you with two cute pictures I took of the girls this weekend.
You can tell this is morning because for some odd reason, Kyla likes to strip them down out of their pj's.


Ashley said...

Holy snow! That's just insane. And not fair in April. But I guess it is Alberta. And northern Alberta to boot! It's snowing down here too, but it's not actually sticking to the ground because its above 0.

amieandmichael said...

I'm thankful we didnt get that amount of snow. We got a little bit, and I still don't like it. I can't believe you guys skype for so long! Thats awesome. If my families computer didn't take 10 minutes to load everything, I might skype as well. I loved that you guys still went outside, despite the weather!!

Lynn said...

The snow shocked us here in Southern Alberta too. Out of the blue. Ice and snow storm...so freaky! It was sun shining just one hour before. The power was out for a few hours and we had no internet OR phones for almost two days.

Good for you guys for making do with what you got. You kids are the best and most fun parents ever! ; D

Tim and Ashlee said...

I'm sooo done with snow! Can't we have some sun already! Sheesh!