Saturday, April 17, 2010

I think it's spring now.

Remember this fort, well here it is one week later. Our backyard is pretty much gone since it gets more sun. I am loving it.
Leave snow and NEVER come back.

The kids got creative while we were on house arrest because of the snow and found these cups, they were a hit for days. It was great. Dustin even got into it and built a tower with Kyla.
They were pretty proud.

The day before it snowed mountains, I was going to take Kyla outside to play with her new spirograph chalk set. Then I thought, nah, i'll wait until Dustin is home tomorrow to play with us. Ya great idea Mindy.
Then the next day we were snowed in.
So today I decided since it's supposed to be 18C and the snow is melting fast, and i'm depressed because it snowed, that Kyla and I will go outside and play together with chalk.
So we did.

I wrote a note to Dust for when he gets home from work.
I had to add the last part in there, kinda forgot about them. But only for a second....

Then Kyla goes to another area and attempts to draw her name in block letters.
How awesome is that.

Oh and a little update on the coloring issue. I went and bought two sets of the wonder color markers and books. I bought Kyla one about a year ago and she loved it, and I think they are a great idea. Especially for my kids as of recent! It was a Dora one I got and they are expensive! Especially when I have to buy two! It was $20 for a small skinny book and like 6 felts. (Well two of them) They are already filled up. BUT the first couple days of having them, I caught them coloring on everything else and it was great! It's nice not having to watch their every move like before.
They don't color very much anymore, I took everything away. If Kyla wants to color she does it when they are napping. So it's all good now and I am happy.

Although, the girls decided to move on from coloring on the walls and themselves....
Babies are MUCH better.

I think it's hilarious.
and kind of disturbing.
Not sure where they found that crayon.

One more week of work then Dustin starts school!


Tim and Ashlee said...

I want spring! I'm so done with all this snow! I wouldn't mind some summer heat!

Tim and Ashlee said...

PS Love your new header!

Ashley said...

It's so nice that we're finally getting the nice weather! We can finally ENJOY the outdoors!

the fellers said...

oh my gosh, that is hilarious! That poor little dolly!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh my your new header makes my heart melt. You and Dustin are officially the cutest couple ever. I heart you both. We would have the best double dates EVA! andddd yes that website you sent me is adorable! yay thanks girlfriend :) xx

Jeff & Brit said...

ahha!!! I love the doll!!! Oh and I want to come color with chalk K!!! I'll be there around 7 :)