Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random, my favorite.

MY BUTT HURTS. It hurts bad.
I think I slept on it wrong...about 5 nights ago! I feel like a gimp, and almost like I worked out so hard and now the whole right side kills, down into my leg. But did I work out? Do you know me? No I did not work out for those who don't know me.

My left shoulder hurts. I'm falling apart. Dustin thinks so anyways. It's actually my entire shoulder down to my elbow. I think I slept on that wrong too. Both times I woke up in pain. The shoulder one has even made me cry a few times. It's feeling a lot better though. Kind of random for me. It could be from stress though. I searched it online and sore and aching body is one of the main syptoms stress can cause. The kids have been a handful, and i've had a lot on my plate these last few months. I don't really "stress" and none of it is bad, but it's like the unconsciously stress I think, just from having a lot to do with Kyla's birthday, Easter, Dustin working so much. He has been back to his normal schedule this month though so it's been way nice. He's such a great help too.

I'm trying to come up with a theme for Jayci and Presley's birthday. (May 27th) This is what I have so far.
I want color, fun, SIMPLE, and cute. Some themes I thought of were;
-Bubbles (I could have white/clear-ish balloons everywhere!) i'm thinking definitely balloons, i'm kinda tired of seeing the tissue paper pom poms, even though I JUST used them for Kyla's party. Balloons are so fun and they can be so cute and are so versatile. I have another cute idea for decorations that can be used for any theme.
-Pink Lemonade. Just using pink and yellow and going with that, bright and fun and cute.
-Rainbow. Also tons of colored balloons and colored everything, and using mini jelly beans, just fun.
and...that's it. What's your vote?
I was thinking something twin-ish, like "double bubble" and doing double everything and then using the "bubble" theme in there too. But I think it's too cliche because they ARE twins. I'm sure that makes NO sense to anyone but me. I get it. I don't want it to be typical.
oh ps: there won't be very many kids, mostly family and adults so I don't have to base it on a ton of kids. Also i'm not making a fondant cake this time, as much as I love making them. I'm doing two smaller cakes so that they don't have to worry about peeling the fondant off to eat and it's way easier for me! Some sort of white fluffy icing though, with some stuff. We'll see.

I got asked to make a wedding cake! I am so nervous!! It's supposed to be simple and cute, her colors are black and pink and we are just starting the brainstorming for it. It's not until July, so I have time. It should be fun. Wish me luck.

I'm thinking of taking a class. I found 4 things I want to do that they offer up here.
A yoga class. I've wanted to do yoga forever.
A pottery class. Something totally different and fun.
A belly dancing class. I know a few people who took it and had a blast, besides I think I would love it!
And a dance class of some sort. This will be in September since they are all year, and they have classes for beginners adults. Definitely me!
Dustin and I are also going to be going across to the field when he gets off school and play some baseball and maybe some basketball. We'll take the kids too of course, but sometimes we'll get a sitter and do it as a date night. I'm actually really excited for that.

I teach this Sunday in Relief Society, so i've been working on my lesson. It's on Praying to Heavenly Father. I love how this year we have gone back to the Gospel Principles. The simple stuff. I like it.

Dustin starts school on the 26th. CRAZY. I'm actually really excited for it. Just to change up our routine a bit, and after he'll get a raise, so that's always a bonus. We'll be broke in the time being, but oh well. Money is just money and I never stress about it.

That's my latest thoughts and random stuff.
Take it all in.
Don't forget to leave your thoughts about the party.
peace out.


Megan said...

I like the pink lemonade idea. Then for the cakes you can have one yellow and one pink. That way it is kind of a twin theme without being too cliche. You could have a lot of fun with the colours and stuff. I like the bubble idea too.

amieandmichael said...

I like the rainbow idea, because I love lots of colors. I have always wanted to take a dance class.. Maybe someday I will!! You are totally right that money is just money. Michael has been in school for 8 years, so we're definately not materialistic... lets just say we'll be paying off loans for the next 15-20 years! :) Good luck with your change of schedule. Hope it helps with the stress!!

the fellers said...

the pink and yellow! TOTALLY, you could do a pink and a yellow cake and then do pink and yellow lemonade with lemons sliced in it! OH MAN, it would be so cute, you are such a cute mommy!

The Pratts said...

I vote for Double Bubble. I guess maybe it is cliche...but twins in general are anything BUT cliche, so I still think it would be adorable!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Bubbles! We're all about bubbles here!

Lynn said...

Sounds like you need a good Chiropractor. I swear by mine! He fixes all kinds of pains I feel now and again in my body. And could be because you slept "wrong" or sometimes it's just something that you did, like lift up one of the girls and it slightly put your spine alignment out of place and then overtime it slips out worse until you feel the pain. And usually any pain you feel elsewhere in your body, is because your back (spine) might be out. Trust me. After 10 times of this happening, I finally got the picture.

It happened again last month. I couldn't run without pain in my right knee and I figured I had run too much, or my shoes were cheap, or whatever. I went to my regular check up with my Chiropractor and he said my hip was out. So he put it back in, and Whalla! No more pain in my knee. The pressure of compensating for the hip being out was fixed!

Just a thought. Hope you feel better soon!

Ashley said...

I hope you feel better soon! And don't stress too much.

As for my thoughts on the birthday party... I'm sure whatever you choose will be great! Both ideas sound cute. I'm honestly not into doing much for birthdays at this point in my children's lives as they don't really get it and they won't remember anyway! Ha! Aren't I mean? I just figure I'll wait until they start asking for parties and then I'll get into it :) Good luck with the planning though! And good luck with the wedding cake! That is nerve wracking, but you'll do great!

Ashley said...

oooh, I just had a thought. If you do the bubble theme, you can buy those little toys that blow bubbles by themselves and have that going. Kids love them! And I think you can get them at wal-mart.

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Ok I say do a yellow themed birthday party and fill the ceiling with yellow balloons and yellow curled strings! Then you can have yellow cupcakes and oh yellow is so cheery :) anddd try a pole dancing class or belly dancing. I have done both and they are wicked fun and such a good work out!! Good luck girlie! xx

Rhiannon Nicole said...

AND feel better!! You sound like a mess right now. Get your man to give ya a massage :) hehe

Korey said...

I vote for rainbow and you should make this cake!

Brandon and Kristy said...

min you crazy women you. slow down! come see me and take a week off! lol i wish. that would be awesome though. well im thinking bubbles for their bday! it would be really cute. But pink lemonade is cute too! hmm. well anyway call me and vent! xoxo