Saturday, May 01, 2010

I love you this much!

Our anniversary was awesome! Dustin surprised me and we went quading. We had a blast! It was raining all day but it stopped right when we got out to where we were going and it was so nice out. There was no wind, and I wasn't cold at all. Which Dustin was worried about because when i'm cold, it ruins everything for me. It was wicked muddy too, which makes for the best quadding I think. I was a pro I must say. It was so much fun!

The quad after.

We ride HARD.




So I put the first three pictures of me in a 3 framed picture frame for him. I also got him a chess set. He always made fun of me because I used to play my dad and sisters in chess when we were younger, but when he got the job at the plant they would play it on every break and he would always brag about how he would beat everyone and how he was so good. So I wanted to get him one, since he said he wants to play me and see who would win. Bring it on.

Love ya Dust! What a great aniversary!

Here's to the next 6 years and more!


Jordana said...

That looks so fun! What a good idea. Happy Anniversary!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

You guys are so damn cute! And you are a stunner, obviously :) Love the photo idea Mindy! Happy anniversary to you both!! xx

kelsey said...

happy anniversary. quading looks like a blast in the mud!
cute pictures!

Mackenzie said...

aw, the pics turned out so cute, love them! happy anniversary guys, good call on the quading, that's awesome =)

Cichy's said...

How fun for you guys! Looks like an awesome day! And the pictures are so cute, you are gorgeous!

Lynn said...


Awesome ideas! You guys know what fun is. ; D

Jolynne said...

Hey, THis is Jolynne. I took care of your babies in Edmonton, and used to babysit you! Looks like you have a fun little family. Have you been in Lethbridge recently. Or do you have a sister living here? I swear I have seen you around.