Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't I get paid?

"Being a mom is the hardest job in the world."

I never really understood this saying.

Sure I change a million diapers, feed meals, clean up the house a hundred times a day, bathe them, dress them, play with them, entertain them, break up fights, give them snacks/drinks, wipe their faces/hands, get no sleep/naps, do laundry, eat at the counter so I don't get mauled, respond to demands instantly, stop the crying/whining....

and don't get paid, or breaks...

k wait, WHY didn't I understand this saying again?

I have been thinking about this a lot. Mostly because I get it now, I get why it is so hard and why people say that. I thought, no, there are so many jobs out there that are harder work. But it's not just because of what we have to do physically everyday but MENTALLY. We can recharged our physical exhaustion (sometimes, depending how lucky you are) by sleep or a break from an awesome husband, or a friend etc. But when you are worn out mentally AND physically, your screwed. Well I am anyways.

Lately I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to raise these girls the best I can. Kyla can be a stubborn little thing. I swear she is a 16 year old in a 4 year old body. She is a challenge sometimes and I am so worn out from thinking about how to deal with her the right way. She talks back a lot because she is so stinkin smart and says no, and tells me I have to say sorry for getting mad at her when she is in trouble, how do you answer that?

And this is where I finally got it.

Mom's are worrying everyday about raising their children to be amazing people, every decision we make affects them. We have to be their rock, their one person they can count on. If we fail, we fail them. It's so hard while they are pushing your every button to stop and calm yourself from blowing a gasket on them. It's hard to listen to 3 girls fighting and screaming while trying to get something done. It's hard to know if you were too hard on them or if it was it just the right discipline that they needed. It's hard to know if you give them equal attention, or enough attention. The list goes on right?

I absolutely LOVE being a mom, more than anything in the whole world but some days are hard. Twins are hard. I have a hard time admitting that. Having to do double of everything every day is tiring, add onto that a 4 year old with completely different needs. I know I don't have it harder than most people, trust me it could always be worse, but i'm not gonna lie and say it's always easy. I love these girls to death and we have so much fun and I just hope I can be the mom I work so hard to be everyday. I don't think anyone knows the responsibility and work it takes to become a parent before they actually become a parent. I sure didn't.

I wouldn't change it for anything. Nothing will replace the kisses and hugs and happiness my children bring to me. When I see them sharing, and playing together and laughing it melts my heart and those are the moments when I know that I made the right choice when I became a mother.

Don't worry things are going great, just something i've thought about lately.

Thanks for listening.


amieandmichael said...

It's good to have a heads up!! It would be nice to get paid for it I'm sure, but the rewards will be better than what money can buy! You sound like a really great, hardworking mom, especially with your twins. I hope I can keep on top of things as well as you seem to be!!

Ashley said...

When you get it all figured out, let me know! Being a mom is really stressful and we have a lot on our shoulders. The discipline thing really gets me too.

Ashley said...
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Kelli Olsen said...

One of my favorite quotes that I heard on the "Mom's Show" was "I was the best Mom until I had kids". It's just one of those things we have to figure out as we go along. Your right, it isn't easy, but it's definitely those perfect moments that keep us going!

Megan said...

So true. I think all us moms feel the same. We just need to keep the perspective and it makes things seem a lot more manageable. I found this blog recently that I really like. Readers ask questions to a mom of 11 who is LDS. I love it. Check it out here:

Rhiannon Nicole said...

mmmm was this post inspired by my babies post lady? haha I guess until you're a mom you never really understand what it's like to be one? I can only speculate. I have worked with kids for 8 years and am constantly in awe of how much work it takes to work with them let alone be a parent. I have no doubt you are an incredible mommy and wife :) Keep going lady! Youre inspiring! xx