Saturday, January 09, 2010

Why I hate blogging

Just kidding, I love blogging! Can't you tell i've done it 4 time this week. Or i'm just lonely without my husband so I blog. Anyways, there is one thing that I have always thought about and haven't really liked. Okay maybe two things. Well the first thing is people who blog about blogging.

but let's move on.

Let's say you have a friend who you met through blogging or only know them through blogging. Well you stop by and comment about something they blogged about and then they stop by and comment about what you blogged about and so on. But...throughout all this there is no response to what either of them have said.

Do you get my point?

What i'm trying to say is, it would be nice to have more communication in the blogging friend world because people obviously read your life and take the time to comment on it. I love it and appreciate it for sure, but that's because I am a super nice person. No I don't rely on the comments, as much as I love every single one of them, but sometimes I want to reply to what someone said, or need to answer a question or whatever.

Anyways my point. I will "try" to comment on my comments because I sometimes want to respond to what you say but I think you'll never read it so what's the point. Not all of them of course and don't be offended if I don't comment, it's only because I don't like you.
Now i'm telling you this so you know. Oh and did you know there is an option to get an e-mail notification on the comments after yours, kind of like facebook? As annoying as it. So it will email you if I respond to your comment.
Maybe it's a good thing it's like this because it's NOT facebook, it's a blog. Hm, maybe it's not supposed to be a communicating thing...

Do I make sense? Do you even care?
Well too bad.


Lynn said...

LOL!! You're a hoot. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Happy Blogging.

Megan said...

ha! I feel the same way. I have commented on some people's blog and then they reply by commenting on something on my blog....not the easiest way to communicate though.....hmmmm.

Meagan M said...

Ahhh...I totally agree. I never know where the appropriate place to reply is. I like the email notification thing.

I also used to be able to reply to a comment through email - but it doesn't work anymore.

The Anderson Family said...

I agree with all you just said! Not that I get that many comments but I know what you mean when you want to respond or comment after then your like... there never going to come back to read my comment so whats the point! I get you totally!

The Harker Family said...

Mindy you are so funny. I love how sarcastic you are. I have a friend who always comments after comments, and it's great. She ends up having like over 30 comments for each blog entry because sometimes it ends up turning into conversations where everyone keeps commenting, and I think that's really great. Sorry to hear you are missing your hubby because he is working. I can join your club because I'm in the same situation!

kyleandtaryn said...

You are so funny! I had to read this twice, but what you said makes total sense. I'm the worst at commenting because I always "check" on blogs when I'm in a hurry and want to comment, but don't have time at that moment then I forget about doing it later. But I comment in my head. Ha. I'll try harder though.

Sarah C said...

I never know where to respond to comments... my blog??? their blog??? ahhhh... too many options. I also do the whole read through but don't have time to comment and then forget to do it later. Oh well....

Lachele said...

I love your hair color.
I'm dying my dark brown next week.