Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have it so rough

This is a normal situation.
There is 3 screaming toddlers hanging on my legs, no one wants a snack or to read a book, they all just want to be held. After about 15 minutes of ear piercing cries and yelling I pick them all up on top of me on the couch, they all of the sudden go quiet. Then, one moves and rubs the other one with their foot or hand, or Kyla tries to hold a hand or give a kiss and they don't like it. They don't want to be touched, so they whine and squirm, hitting everyone. They don't like that so they all start to squirm and get mad and within seconds they are all pushing, twisting, pulling at me and each other. I say, "girls stop, sit still....Jayci, Kyla, Presley. Girls!" trying to think of who to get in trouble or what to do. I am getting mauled to death and beaten up and it hurts with them pinching and twisting around on my lap and strangling me wanting to be closer and the most "on top" of me. I finally take them all off and put them on the floor and I now have 3 SCREAMING toddlers right on the floor in front of me...... as positive and calm I stay the whole time, I feel my sanity dwindling away.....

(it's ok you can laugh, I try to!)

Today I came across this blog and I instantly fell in love with it. Everything about the site, the decor photos are a dream and she is too cute, including her clothes that I think should be mine. She has twin girls and triplet boys. Yep twins AND triplets. Could you imagine? No I couldn't I have one set of twins and a 3 year old going on 16. I am not having another one until I have a house and these girls can actually communicate with words and I am way out of the baby stage. The lord gives us what we can handle so lets not test it!
Anyways, I went through a lot of posts for inspiring pictures for my "renos" on my house and I came accross this post.

Wow, just looking at that picture stresses me out! I guess I don't have it so rough.
(ps: I'll take one of those white rooms with the huge white mirror please. thanks.)

pps: I don't really think I have it rough, just "rough" days, but what mom doesnt!?


The Pratts said...

Oh man, I've been feeling like my hands are full now that I have 2 kids...but I don't have 3 TODDLERS!

As for that other blog, I've seen it before somewhere. I actually think Seriously, So Blessed uses that girl as inspiration to make fun of sometimes!

Jordana said...

Don't you love days (or moments) like that? Sometimes I feel like there is nothing I can do to make my kids happy, they are just determined to be grumpy. But I guess sometimes I am like that too...
I love the calendar you made, it turned out really cute, and it's a great gift idea!

Anonymous said...

whats the blog?

Francis Family said...

Sarah, the words "this post" is in another color, that means it's a link. So click on that.

Rhiannon Banda-Scott said...

awe! I like her blog too!! and omg two sets of multiples? no way jose :)