Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A story

That's right. I totally forgot to tell you about what happened while we were on holidays.

As you know we went to Raymond sugar bowl (basketball tourney) and it was all my sisters and our husbands and my mom and dad. We were there for the final game Raymond against Cardston. It was going to be a huge game because Cardston barely beat Raymond at their hometown tournament so I guess everyone said Raymond wants payback. Or whatever high school people do. Anyways we went 2 games early to get seats. It is crazy there. We ended up on the front row right behind the basketball team. Some advice....NEVER sit behind the team. THEY STINK. bad. There was this one coach who could not hold it in, if you know what I mean. I almost puked so many times. And then there were people constantly walking by wafting it down from one person to the next. So gross. There was no where else to sit! Crappy deal. So my mom and dad ended up finding out that the lady behind us was leaving after the game because her son was on the team that was playing. So we asked if we could have their seats, she said ya of course.

There were people everywhere. The crazy thing was, that half the bleachers were empty, they were all saved seats! So at just before half time of the 3rd place game, whatever it's called. Consolation? no. well you get it. The game before the final. They announce loud and clear, no one can save seats after half time and if they aren't here to sit in them, then they can be taken.

This is an intense story eh? I know.
Well the game ended and right at the buzzer we turned around and the people stood up to move for us and this lady in the row behind them sticks her feet spread out onto the bench and says, "nope, sorry there mine"
We said "um no we asked for these seats and they said we could have them"
She goes "well I don't care sorry!" In THE most wenchy (that's a nicer word than I want to use) way.
Picture this, she is quite large, short spikey hair, the snobbiest face expressions, and her heels on the bench with her pointy toed shoes sticking straight up.
We said, "well you can't save seats, sorry"
My mom was talking at this point and she exchanged some rude words to my mom and that's when we all stepped in. Be careful who you mess with.
Another thing is she was the only one doing this.
Ok so. us, "Well we are here and your people aren't and you can't save them for them"
My sister Britt goes to get up and sit there anyways, and she kicks her off! Literally in her back kicked her with her ugly shoe.
So we weren't too happy and said "um no you have to move because your people aren't even here" My mom said, "that's really rude"
she goes, "um ya it is!" ....ok?
So my amazing husband said quietly to me "forget it, i'm sitting there."
So he hops up there and pushes her foot out of the way and sits down.
Well guess what she does, she starts kicking him in the back and tries to push him off. My husband is 6 4" and weighs 220lbs. He is a big boy. So of course she couldn't move him.
THEN.....she leans over and starts pinching him!! That's right, pinching and poking his sides and back to get him to move!!!! I was watching her face and she was making this sort of grunting hideous smirk looking at me. I said "what the hell are you doing? Seriously?!" Everyone was freaking out at her.
Dustin didn't move or even flinch, he was awesome. He was like, "I don't care, it feels good and laughed."
Um no. So I walked over to the announcing stand where I knew the two guys announcing and told them what she was doing and they were like "WHAT?!" They jumped right up and one of them went out to get someone to come deal with it.
So I walked back to where we were (which was about 10 steps from the announcing stand) But there were people everywhere standing so you couldn't really see over there. When I got back there they were still kind of arguing with her.
I said "well sorry but there getting someone to come deal with you"
she goes "Well I know the _____, (the brothers) i'm good friends with them, they know who I am"
I said, "I don't care who you are!"
So she picks up her water bottle and pours water on Dustin's head and all down his back!
Yes, I am serious. I was ticked. Dustin didn't do anything, he just sat there laughing. I would of punched her if it was me. At this point my mom and dad didn't know she did that, they were talking to people around us who couldn't believe what she was doing!
I walked back over to the announcing stand to the one guy still there and told him what she just did. He was like "seriously?!" So he's like, "show me who she is"
We walk over and she is smiling and smirking at him and waves. So He says to her "that's enough, no more right?"
No more??? Are you freaking kidding me! Kick the bag out of here!
So we waited and they did get the seats after I told on her the first time. (I sound like i'm in elementary) she moved and so my sisters sat up there and took the seats.
Well finally the principle came over and walked by and looked at her kind of smiling and said "no more, no more right?" She was quiet by that time and didn't say a word after.
WHAT THE?? Who doesn't kick her out!! Am I right?? I was NOT happy. Just because you know her doesn't mean she can't suffer the consequences of her actions.
What. a. ho.

Also I need to mention. We found out after that she is from Cardston and actually got banned from every football game for the rest of the season. Because at a game she ran down from the stands and literally attacked the referee! oh. my.

Well there is my rant and if you can't tell I am still ticked about it when I think about it. I just can't believe they didn't kick her out. She got physical.
I should of got physical. That's right. I'm small, but I am feisty! just kidding.

There is my story, and what a story it is.
Edit: This is a funny crazy story and don't take it personal. I'm not out to offend anyone, except the crazy lady of course. :)


Schaffer's said...

What the!? lol jk I am still frustrated at that whole thing, I will get her back lol..

Lynn said...

Man oh man......I am totally speechless. I come from the small town (village actually) of Rosemary.....and just let me say here, that ROSEMARY is a classy small town! You wouldn't find a soul who was like THAT! Holy!! I am totally shocked!!! Seriously!!!

What a story for sure. Too bad you can't publish the name.....you know.....just to give any of us a bit of warning to avoid her in the future? LOL

henline crew said...
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Mindi said...

1. Raymond people aren't dumb. You can be from anywhere and situations arrive and all of a sudden it's the entire towns fault??
I happen to be a Raymond person, proudly born and raised and I take offense to that last comment.
2. There are dumb people in EVERY town, so yours isn't perfect previous poster.
3. I don't recall Mindy saying that this woman was 'Actually from Raymond' (regardless if she was or wasn') She could've been from another town, so maybe next commenters should watch what they say about other towns and even take their own advise and 'grow up' next time they want to make rude comments.

Sorry for all that Mindy, but SOME people can be quite rude and open their mouths when they shouldn't. Sorry this happened to ya!

Riley and Anona Adams said...

To Henline Crew, the lady was from Cardston, and that's the craziest yet funniest story ever Mindy, good on Dustin cause I know Riley would not have taken it!

Janas Bananas said...

What the hack?? Who does that?? I am sure she will get her's one day and I just feel sorry for whoever her children are, she must be on embarassing mother!!

The Pratts said...

Oh my gosh, I can't even believe that story!! That is pure craziness! I love that you guys aren't scared of a confrontation, either. Way to stick to your guns, it made for a great story!

kelsey said...

That one comment kind of back-fired since you said right in the post that this idiot was from Cardston, not Raymond. AND, since the writer of this post (Mindy) lived in Raymond. . . does that make her one of the "retarded" Raymond people? lol.

Man. . . blogging can be feisty these days. People should really edit before they publish their comments.

P.S. it was a funny story. I had great visuals the entire time. Dustin is pretty intense. I would have wanted to punch her instead.

The Anderson Family said...

So I know that High School sports is a serious matter and that it means everything to some people... because everyone knows that there all going to go on and most definatly have professional career one day!! At least I knew I would!! Unfortunatly reality hit and I never did. That lady was really rude. I guess some people are just big jerks! There are people like that everywhere unfortunatly no matter what town you are from. Even the town I grew up in!

Christine Peterson said...

OK when I first move out here from out east I was told Southern Alberta basketball is quite feisty. Well that ho bag! I can't believe she did that to Dustin, I just about spilled over my Cinammon Hearts! Geez! Seriously?!!Punch her in the tits next time. You tell Dustin I said that...so uncalled for, so was my comment. haha

I enjoyed this post :)

Ashley said...

That is INTENSE Mindy, I am VERY proud of Dustin for not reacting, cause that's EXACTLY what she would of wanted!. But sorry that this had to happen to your family. But what goes around comes around and she will get hers ten fold, as mean as that sounds. But it is true..

Korey said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe that some people can be so well-mannered! LOL Good for Dustin. What a trooper. I was literally laughing so hard as I read this. You have a stellar husband. That lady sure is something else :)

The Harker Family said...

Oh my gosh that is freakin' hilarious! Dustin is such a good sport. You know what, I bet him acting all cool like that just made her even more made, so it was smart of him to do that! Some people I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Um wow. What a ______. It it was our school, she would of been kicked out even if she knew everyone. I can't believe that she kicked brittany and dustin and dumped water on him. People these days!

The Coopers said...

okay so seriously that for REAL all happened. I am so blown away that someone would really do that.. i could not have kept my composure.. holy smokes what a freak! That lady must seriosuly have some problems..

P.S This post was hilarious and so were all the comments.. i really wish i could have read that comment you deleted, look at all the drama it caused..
and ya HELLO you even said in your post that she was from Cardston anyways.. haha

Meagan M said...

BEST STORY OF THE DAY!! Seriously, that is crazy and funny! I can NOT believe someone poured water on Dustin! WOW!!

p.s. I want to know what the delted comment said.

Ashley said...

That is so crazy/weird. Who does that? I'm baffled.

Lachele said...

Dustin handled that very well...haha I can just picture some fat old lady pouring water on him. That's sooo funny. Definately crappy but sooo funny!! You really are fiesty aren't you? haha!

Sarah C said...

I can't beleive she actually did all that... wow! Dustin took it awsome! Good for him!

kyleandtaryn said...

I am dying laughing right now because I can just imagine the whole thing...this lady obviously did NOT know who she was dealing with, the Petersen Posse rules! haha. I can't believe the nerve of her! And considering that I grew up in Cardston AND Raymond I want to know who this bitty is!! Way to go Dustin for keeping his cool, I think I would have punched her, and Kyle would have thrown her out of the stands. Big no-no. Thanks for sharing this story, I was seriously so into it, it made my day!