Thursday, January 07, 2010

Going back to my roots

No, not my blonde ones, I'm talking my danish roots. Did anyone see Oprah today? I did and I needed it in a HUGE way.
The last little while I have been a major whining pain in the you know what. I have complained so much about how much I hate this house and how messy and tiny it is for our family. There is always stuff everywhere because I have no place to put it all! I hate it. I am a clean freak and from the looks of my house you'd think I was a hoarder! Ok maybe not that bad but to me that's how I feel. Then I realized it's because we are just unorganized and the motivation to get organized is um, well non existing! So I have been moping around feeling sorry for myself about our life this next year or more having to live in our townhouse. These places are only a couple years old so they aren't discusting and we do have 3 bedrooms and a (messy) basement for storage. As much as I would give anything for a nice big home I realized today that I just have no choice and I need to enjoy and be grateful for what I've got. For a starter home up here it's around $600,000.00, or they have really cute trailers for around 500,000.00. I don't think we're ready for that, no thanks. I'm glad we got into the low income housing, even though low income is like $120,000.00/yr or less! Crazy eh. Anyways we have been lucky with our life up here and getting the place we did because the housing is insane. But if you work out at the plants making the money you do, housing isn't bad at all. So for those who say housing insanely expensive, your right, but people do it and there is a lot of money up here and people live quite nicely and it's definitely possible. It's addicting up here I think, and hard to leave once you get that certain job and we have been lucky enough to finally get it. I don't want to be here forever but the work sucks down south so we are where we need to be and I know that. I do love it here and we have amazing friends and I love the ward and people here. They are super nice people and they become your family. It's great.

There was a quote said on Oprah, "Less Space, Less things, More Life." How awesome is that, it's like they said it just for me. Not you. ME.
Since we have been married we have slowly worked our way up in our housing. We went from nasty basement suites, to brand new ones, to a condo, to this townhouse. So I should be grateful but I felt like our life was growing faster than we could keep up with. We have made some mistakes and have learned from them and things are going great now. Dustin has an incredible job, making enough money that we don't have to stress about bills for once and he is planning on going to school twice this year to get some of that done and after that he'll become a fourth year and pretty quick after that a journeyman. He has been told that if he was a journeyman already they could see him getting promoted to a Foreman at the plant. So this was huge motivation and now that we can survive, we figured he should just do schooling now. So maybe after all that we'll see where our life is and a house could be in the making.

Now my goal is to be WAY more organized, such as more shelves, cabinets, toy bins (which I have looked forever for decent ones that are nice and not a million bucks for a living room and not cartoonish, which you all know how much I love that stuff) Anyways I am also DE JUNKING! And I am not going to be picky with what I keep that is for sure. Just before Christmas I got rid of a garbage bag full of clothes because I was tired of looking in my closet and saying I have nothing to wear and then Dustin saying, "you have a closet full of clothes, how do you not have anything to wear!" So I finally went through and took out everything I haven't worn since before being pregnant with the twins and will probably never wear again and 3/4 of my closet was gone. It felt awesome! So here I go again, I am going to redo this house as cheap as possible since Dustin is in school and we have to save every penny for that. But I will be happier and maybe i'll even get my living room back!

I encourage you to watch Oprah today, it was on the happiest people in the world. Most of them are the ones who have less and live simple in every way. Their food, homes, families, nothing super fancy and it's awesome. I almost wanted to move there! They all make around the same income so no one is super poor and no one super rich and they all do what they love because the more money the make the more taxes they pay so they really all make the same in the end. They also all get home around 4-5pm everyday so they can spend time with their families. They aren't very religious but they don't live by what worldly things they have they live by what they value. It was just so refreshing to see people still living like that and it made me wonder, why can we all be like that? I think we would all be so much happier. So this was definitely great inspiration and a big kick in the pants to me!
Here's to living more simple, and organized and being happier!


Sarah McDonald said...

okay So Paul and I watch hoarders on A&E every Monday (at 8 here) anyways I have gone through every single room even the storage space under the stairs and de cluttered EVERYTHING! I can honestly say I had a spot for Every single Christmas gift the kids got. Birthdays may be another story but hey I can't win them all. Hope you find your organizing roots Good Luck!

Lynn said...

Amen Sista! I didn't see the show today, but your post has totally got me motivated. I am SO on board with you. Good luck and have fun organizing! I will be doing the same thing.

Alison said...
I got these shelves from Ikea and they have storage bins you can get that hid tons of stuff. I've got playdoh in one and craft stuff in another. You could hide lots of toys in them too and they're not super expensive. You can have them shipped to FortMcMurray too. I think it's like $50 but if you are ordering a lot of stuff it's sooo worth it!
And hey, don't worry about not having a house. We worked our way up from apartment, to townhouse, to mobile to house. And we still are planning to upgrade soon. But it will come in time. I'm sure people with big homes wish they looked as good as you! We all want what we don't have! :)

The Anderson Family said...

That is an awesome post. I really need to get rid of some stuff too. Mostly shoes! It's amazing how things can just build up and build up. Guess what I'm going to do... I'm going to get rid of lots of shoes! And i'm going to make travis go through the closet and get rid of the shirts that he has had since Jr. High!! Very motivational blog today! If you need any help... we love to get out of our house!!

The Harker Family said...

You go girl! Just remember to keep the stuff that is really important. I'm the opposite because I throw out EVERYTHING and then a few months later I realize that I really needed something that I threw out and regretted doing so! I do that over and over and over. So don't make my mistake! Ha, ha, ha! Yes, I agree it's important to be happy with what we have and where we are in life because we will never be happy otherwise.

Francis Family said...

Alison your hilarious and i'll definitely check those out, thanks!

Alison said...

Hey and so you know, I read your comment after my comment! (I just read your recent blog) I usually get it to email me follow up comments!