Friday, January 08, 2010


It's crazy that I have a daughter in gymnastics! I swear I was just in it myself. Watching her brought it all back and Jill even said it makes you want to go play in it with them, and it's so true I did want too. She did so great, she went right in without me and wasn't afraid of anything, until the teacher left them all by the pit (the sponge squares you jump into) to chase a little busy boy around, and they didn't know what to do. It was funny watching them all trying to figure out how to get in it, and none of them were scared, they just looked so confused. She even started moving the sponge squares one by one out of the way so she could get in.
Kyla on the way home goes, "We only got to go for a little bit, I want to go for a long time."
I said, "I know but that's all we get to go until next week"
Kyla, " i'm not happy."

I wish they had it everyday because she loves it so much and of course it's easy having her cousin and bff, Emma in there with her. They are hooked at the hip those two. I said to Jill, I can see them in kindergarten and the teacher constantly saying, "Kyla, Emma stop talking!" I'm so happy she has someone like that here. They are so alike but so different, Kyla is the little boss (I was the same way as a kid) and Emma is the shy quieter one, but they get along so great.
We can't wait until next week!


The Anderson Family said...

Oh so cute! You need to email some pictures of the girls. Emma wanted to go back too. When I asked her about her favorite thing she said Kyla! I guess hanging with Kyla was the best part of gymnastics. I can't wait to see how they are doing in a couple of months.

Rhiannon Banda-Scott said...

AHHH!!! Ok girlfriend did you know I was a gymnast for Michigan State?! And that I STILL coach gymnastics now!! I coach little girls your daughters age!! I am actually putting together lesson plans for tomorrow! So glad Kyla had a blast :) Hopefully she will love it for a long time :) xx

purnells making memories said...

So cute!!! I just got Kimmi in dance class and she'll start next week. Looks like fun!

The Pratts said...

So cute!! I'm glad they loved it!

Francis Family said...

Rhiannon that's awesome! I think it would be fun to be coach of little girls!