Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Good title I know.

So I forgot to share what I made for Christmas for both our parents and my sister. I saw these at my craft show I went to and I lost the ladies information who had something like this so I figured why not make them. They were a pain though, because if you didn't get that vinyl straight the first time well too bad, I tried taking it off and just about wrecked it. But other than that they were super easy. I ordered the vinyl off etsy, and the frames I bought. This one is ours. I did the parent's one with a blowing dandelion across the top by the name and my sister's is the same as mine. I just got mine made and up and I wasn't sure if i'd like it but I love it! It's way cuter than a month by month calendar. My goal is to redo the whole wall and make it into an organizing area for bills, and my chalk board and this. So i'll show ya the finished product when i'm done.

So since we've been sick for the past week, we have all been doped up on drugs. We haven't been super sick but enough to be annoying. Well Kyla wouldn't take her medicine for a few days so I finally convinced her to and it was children's cold and flu tylenol and I gave it to her before their bath. She has cereal every single night before bed, so she was eating it and watching some tv at the same time. I was on the phone so I wasn't paying attention. I then finally looked and saw her passed out on the chair like this.

I left her there for a couple minutes while I was on the phone. (I'm a good mother I know) and I looked again and this is how she was.
Seriously. Those are some strong meds. How do you even stay asleep like that?

We we're all finally getting better, but last night Dustin walked in the door from work at 9:00 and he's like "hey hun", I went to talk and nothing came out. I lost my voice. It was fine when I put Kyla to bed at 7:30 and by 9pm it was gone. I had a sore throat during the day and it was gradually getting worse but I was sick of being sick so I ignored it thinking it'll go away. Well today I have no voice, it's definitely challenging trying to "mother" these 3 girls with no voice. I am doing a lot of clapping and snapping my fingers, and it does not work. Then again neither does talking...

I'm counting down to next weekend for Dustin's 4 days off. Then he goes back for 24 days! 24!! Until 9pm EVERY NIGHT. crappy. deal. They had a fire at the plant so he is working on the maintenance for it, so I can't complain since because it's a lot of overtime and he is going to school in April and we need to save as much as we can but it can still suck!
I made a list of little projects I want to do to keep me occupied. I am taking a break from my business if you didn't know and it's for me and my family and I am really enjoying it so I want to work on some fun stuff for me (or my kids) that i've been wanting to do for a while. I'm teaching this Sunday so I won't get to start anything until next week because every free minute i'm working on my lesson. I'm excited for it, it's on 'our heavenly family', and I really love studying this lesson.
Well I better go figure out what to make for dinner, and it's hard to type with two babies on my lap. I guess my time is up.


Lynn said...

HA HA . Poor Kyla!

Hope you get your voice back before you have to teach on Sunday! Can you imagine??? Charades it is! Jks. : D

Mindi said...

Very cute board. Is that just a plain white board? Very cute. I'm making a magnet/chalk board. They are a pain, but super cute!

The Harker Family said...

Love that monthly board Mindy! Awesome! That pic of Kyla was flippin' hilarious!

the fellers said...

that is really cute! and those pics...I LOVE that you took the time to take a picture....we are so the same, and dont worry, i would have left here there while I was on the phone too! haha

The Anderson Family said...

Hahaha! Kyla is so funny... apparently she tolerates drugs a little too well!! So funny to see her asleep like that sort of reminds me of Dustin!

Ashley said...

Those pictures of Kyla are priceless! Poor girl. Just Tylenol? Are you sure it wasn't laced with something? JK.

The board is way cute. Are you going to add those into your business?

Hope you and your family are better soon!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Okay, LOVE your calendar. It's awesome! And those pics of Kyla are so funny! I tried to get some Cold & Flu stuff the other day and I couldn't - Kinsey's been really sick. So I took her to the doctor and they told me that you can no longer get Cold & Flu for any child under the age of 6. Crazy!

Francis Family said...

Mindi- It's actually just a 16x20 picture frame with no back, which I liked better because you can see the wall through it. If it's a dark wall you'll have to put some sort of light backing behind it.

Ashley- no I won't be selling them, just for fun!

Ashley- I thought I heard that before but just for infants, dang! Good thing I just ran out. I hate drugging my kids as is, now i'm poisoning them!! ha jk. thanks though!

kyleandtaryn said...

Cute! Such a smart idea. Kyle told me you guys had a good chat the other day, then I realized I should call more often. But since you don't have a voice, I'll wait a couple days. haha. Is Kyla even leaning on the table in the second picture or is she in mid air? Too funny.

kelsey said...

ha. her sleeping in the chair is awesome.