Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lots to say!

I'm going to do this in 3 different posts so it's more organized, so make sure you get it all!

So this last Sunday the nursery invited Jayci and Presley to come in for the first bit and last bit of nursery, everything but the lesson and snack to help them adjust to it. So I got thinking about how I can get them to tell them apart easily. So I thought of bracelets which I always make them but somehow they pull them off and break them, so that's pointless. Then I thought about getting them ID bracelets but those are a little pricey and more for like Christmas. ;) And then it hit me!! So I finally convinced Dustin and in we went....

We got their EARS PIERCED!!

Jayci before
Jayci after, a little tears but she got over it in seconds as soon as she got a sucker
Presley before

Presley after! She wasn't too sure what just happened.

Presley after with daddy

Jayci's new bling!
Jayci (left) got white flowers and Presley (right) got pink. We always put Presley in pink for people because they both start with "P" So we did the earrings the same way! I LOVE them! Who knew they could get any cuter!!

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The Harker Family said...

What a great idea! They look soooo cute! I like how you can actually see their earrings. From the day I got Cadrien's ears pierced at 6 months you never ever could see the earrings because all of her dang hair! Yes, nursery soon! How exciting!

Mindi said...

aw! How cute. I just hope they don't get too interested in them and pull at them...ear infections with babies and new earrings are terrible. But they look darling!!

Lindsay said...

That seriously is a good idea on how to tell them apart...and a good excuse to get their ears pierced. They look adorable!

Lynn said...

Great idea! SO cute!

Riley and Anona Adams said...

Nice bling bling, they look so cute. I can't beieve they are getting so big!!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Too cute Mindy! I'm too chicken to get Kinsey's done. So we'll see if that ever happens. haha