Sunday, October 18, 2009


Change is good. This is a small change. I'm going to change how I go about blogging. Instead of a regular weekly post on the biggest or most important thing that happened, i'm going to concentrate more on the little things in our life. The important things. The daily things.
Most of you know I have a crappy memory and I think it's only getting worse. This will help with that, it will help me remember those daily things that become a blur at the end of the week. Now I can definately call this, my journal.

Here it goes. (Today will be short and sweet)

Today has involved,

-a makeover by Kyla, who told me my hair was messy and knotty. (I guess she noticed, I haven't showered since Friday) probably tonight. I'll do it for Dustin I guess. These are the days I don't look in a mirror.

-A floor covered in crackers and popcorn.

-30 minutes of working on orders, then the babies woke up.

-Watching a new movie from my dear husband for my birthday, Bride wars. I've watched it about 5 times since Friday. This involved me with all 3 girls at my side on the couch, sharing a big bowl of popcorn. I felt blessed at that moment.

-me missing Dustin badly, and counting down till Friday.

-A little Jayci running up to me for a big hug, I picked her up and squoze her tight. These are the best things in life. Then I felt a naked bum. I guess she thought she needed some air.

-Playing on the floor with the girls and chasing them around the house, this is daily. I love sitting on the floor with open arms and not saying a word to see who notices, and within seconds I have 3 little girls who run and jump into my arms. I love this.

-Listening to loud music dancing our hearts out, this is also a daily ritual. One day i'll get a video for ya.

And now i'm about to cook some dinner, a caserole. Because it's easy and I procrastinated today. Actually I procrastinate a lot, you will come to notice this as I let you see more into my life. This could be dangerous.

These girls were cuddling and I actually caught it.


The Perneels said...
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Lynn said...

AWwww. I LOVE this. Keep on recording the little things. In the end I think they are the BIG things in life. : D