Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Party!

We had our Halloween party on Saturday and it was awesome! There were 17 people including us and we had a blast! I wish we had a bigger house but it was still so fun. I'll definately do it again. We played Mafia almost the whole time and of course visited and ate food. Everyone brought awesome food and I made all dessert type stuff. I was so glad everyone dressed up. It was great! So i'll just post pics and tell you as I go.

Here is my food set up before everyone got there. I did candy apples, cupcakes, oreos (with chocolate on them) and of course Halloween candy.

Emily and Greg
She just had a baby so she was a "mom" and Greg came late from work so he wasn't dressed up

Pam was a Geisha, Tom was super sick so he couldn't make it
Dustin and I
The grim reaper and GHOULDilocks. I hate this picture but it's the best I have of us, I should of took more.
RoxAnne and Ryan
bubble bath and Nudist on Strike

Becky and Kimball
Coco Chanel and Indiana Jones

Tim and Lindsay
Chef and Bun in the oven, her due date was the time on the oven and she made this costume!

Curtis and Elysa
Zorro and "Elysa" (and Violet came!)

Todd and Rebecca
Thing 1 and 2, she also made these and I love them!

Jill and Travis

And some other pics, this was the other decent one of us.

Playing Mafia, we had so much fun! I love this game!

Chillin and eatin, what else is a party for!

So there ya go! 3 big posts with lots of pictures!


Lynn said...

Cool party!! You know how to rock it, eh? : D

purnells making memories said...

It looks like you guys had a Great Time at your Party!! So much fun! We are getting ready for our party for this friday, tonight I am actually going to go and get some of the last minute items for the party. I'm glad to see that your party turned out well ;)
Hey I got Kimberly and Levi's names in the mail yesterday, Love em!!! You did a great job! Thanks again Mindy!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Looks like a great party. Some of those costumes are so good!