Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well at least that's how I feel when i'm in public with Jayci and Presley. I get this at least 10 every store...
"Are they twins?"
Umm no, they are complete strangers in the same clothes and same headbands and they ironically look identical. Weird eh?
Or at least that's what I feel like saying.

It takes me twice as long to go grocery shopping because we get stopped so many times. Really, it's crazy how many. I honestly try not to make eye contact with anyone or else they stop and ask a million questions about them. Kyla sits in the cart thinking, "Hello? I'm here too!" Poor girl, she seriously tries to put on a show to get their attention too. Obviously she is just a 3 year old girl and nothing special to them compared to the "Twins". But she is the older sister who constantly has to battle for attention over the girls. A lot of people do acknowledge her once they notice her and ask her the big sister questions, which is good. It's not a problem at home because I definately give equal attention and that's a big deal and we have to be careful not to ignore Kyla in the midst of being entertained by two who are doing the exact same thing all the time. Also who are constantly learning and doing new things and it's super exciting.
I love the other comments I get,
"You must be wonder woman!"
Well I definately don't feel like wonder woman. I am just a regular mom and I honestly think I have it a lot easier than a lot of other moms out there. It's more fun and entertaining if anything! I've just learned not to worry about the little things. So what if the dishes don't get done, or the load of laundry doesn't get folded, or we eat Kraft dinner for supper. I hate messes I really do, but it's not worth stressing over if i'm already tired from taking care of the kids. So who cares right!
"I'm glad it's you and not me."
I don't get this as much as I used to and I always think it's rude. Yes, I got pregnant knowing it was twins and it's exactly what I wanted and expected.
Actually I never wanted twins and I did feel bad for those who had them, and they were always weird moms with a bazillion kids and weren't cool. lol Well the second I found out I was pregnant with twins, my entire view changed instantly and I couldn't be more excited. I am no longer cool I guess and yes I can be little weird. So I do fall into my own stereotype. Meh.
I am so blessed with these little girls and I love every chaotic minute of it. The lord knew what he was doing when he gave me these girls.
"oh the poor dad!"
I laugh every time when people say this. Ya poor him with the hormones and pms and makeup and hair. I think he'll love it. When I think of this I think of my sisters and I. I have 3 younger sisters and no brothers, and my dad always said how blessed he was and he never wishes or regrets they never had a boy. I already know Dustin feels this way, but maybe he will get lucky with one boy. ;)
"Are they yours?" or "They aren't yours are they?"
Yep, I definately pushed them out, I remember. People are so shocked that they are actually mine. I guess I am young to have 3 kids already, and maybe I look "cool" ;) I'm not gonna lie, I never thought i'd get back to my original size before getting pregnant. So that's always a topic they bring up. I'm not one to talk about my weight but I am a normal girl who eats really crappy actually and I am who I am. Anyways that's another post for another time...
So yes these are my kids.
Well those are the most common things people say. As well as, "they are beautiful!" or "cute headbands, where did you get them?"
Yesterday I got stopped about 15 times in walmart, plus everyone else who stared at me when I walked by. I don't hate it, and I don't love it. It just is what it is I guess and I have lots more years of it! I just keep going like, yup this is me and my girls and i'm proud of it! I'm definately used to it, but my friends and family get a kick out of it forsure. It's like when you have a tiny newborn baby and everyone stops and "oooh's and ahh's" but ALL THE TIME!
Well there is a glimpse into my life as a celebrity!
Anyone want my autograph??


Megan said...

Ha! I can definitely relate, but my boys don't look identical AT ALL, so it's a little different. I do think it's funny when people ask if they are twins when they are wearing matching clothes and are the same size. I just don't make eye contact with people in the store anymore because I have to shop as fast as possible before the boys throw a fit. Oh the joys!

Nilsson Family said...

I don't have twins so I don't know exactly what its like but when me and my sister go out with our boys we always have people asking if they are twins. They don't even look anything alike!!

the fellers said...

I read and loved all of those, but I cant get over that people have asked you if they are twins...seirously? Why? that is hilarious!

Ashley said...

Wow, I can't believe some of those comments you get! People are just WAY too open to share their own opinions, I guess. All of your girls are so cute! That's great that you're so careful to give your older daughter lots of attention at home. I'm sure it must be hard being the sister of twins!

The Perneels said...

i do have to admit ive been one at wal-mart to ask if two girls were twins and they were. sometimes it's hard to tell because twins can be different heights or something that make them look more like a younger sister/older sister.

Mark and Hilary said...

my sister-in-law has twin girls (Feb '08) too & she gets the exact same comments anytime we go anywhere. They also have a 4-yr-old little girl, so I think of you a lot when I'm around them! Her husband's gone a lot too & it's not easy. I'm pretty sure you guys are super women!!

Lynn said...

LOL! I do I do!

I should of made you sign my "C" with your signature before you sent it. ; )

However, I know a little bit about what you mean.

When my kids were little....all 6 under the age of 12, I would go out shopping and I would also have a two or three more with me (cause I ran a day home) and people would stop me ALL the time. I am shocked at the boldness of some people. Out right rude and crude comments too. They weren't shy at all about asking intimate questions. Sheesh! Didn't their mommy teach them manners? LOL!

Kimberly Yuill said...

I want your autograph! The only catch is I want it IN PERSON! It's about time I meet "THE TWINS". Hahahah......