Sunday, June 28, 2009

The weekend

These are just random pictures of this weekend. Dustin cleaned up our basement and brought a swing upstairs that a friend lent us so that we could return it. The girls were all over it. They have a thing for climbing on each other lately.

Jayci loved the swing a lot...I guess it brought back the times of sleeping in the swings. I know i'd be out cold if I could lay in a swing.

I know we were a little late on getting the carseats but Presley wasn't even 20lbs so I wasn't too concerned, even though they are one already. I just put it off I guess, besides the ones we wanted were out of stock forever so we just got these ones last weekend because I didn't want to wait any longer. But here they are and we love them!

This weekend I was exhausted, like really exhausted. I even started running and I went on Saturday morning at 6am with some girls, and I was wiped after! I couldn't even function so I decided to lay down on the couch and of course I fell asleep. I tried to fight it but I told Kyla to get the babies some cheerios, but only a few... well I woke up to this...

Let's get a closer look shall we, oh and I love Kyla in the picture. She has to be in every picture so she jumped in at the last second. It was worth it eh?

We also went boating Saturday afternoon for the rest of the day with our friends on their boat. It was cold, really cold. Well it was nice for a couple hours but then it wasn't so hot, it was only about 20C and that is not hot enough for me especially with the water up here. I was a wus and got in the water to go wakeboarding and froze to my bones and got right out. I didn't even have then energy to pull myself up cuz I was so frozen! I am a baby and I HATE being cold. Besides it was like 8pm at that time! That's not exactly the hottest time of the day!

This is the best picture of Dustin I could get. I wanted to get one of his flips so bad but the camera delayed way to long EVERY time. Stupid camera, he also got way more air than this but this is the only picture of his jumps, so i'll have to try again next time. Thanks Jeff and Chelsie!


Caroline said...

Mindy that cheerio and cracker mess was freakin' hilarious. I died laughing. Well at least Kyla is old enough to keep an eye on them, which is so nice isn't it!

Lynn said...

LOL!! I am with Caroline!

Also I am totally with you on needing heat. I am always so cold and I hate the cold water. Looks like you guys ended up having a blast though!

Jennie Holt said...

your girls are so stinking cute!! i was just wondering what kind of car seats you bought...i am in the market and just can't decide!!

the fellers said...

that cheerios pic is priceless....and Jayci in the swing, well actually both babies in the swing...LOVE IT! Why did you go running? you dont need to exercise, you look FANTASTIC!!

Randy, Capri, and Wyatt said...

The Cheerio's remind me of one time when I fell asleep and Wyatt had rasins and pretzels all over the floor. I love how the girls are always sitting on each other! So cute!