Monday, June 22, 2009

THIS is luxury

Dustin did a side job for a guy in our ward and the night he finished he called me from his house and asked me this question, "Do we want cash or a 52" flat screen TV?" I said "For real? cash!" We have never been into the whole electronic/technology stuff. We don't really care about HD, or blueray or big tv's and we don't own any gaming systems. (and never will, maybe a Wii cuz it keeps the kids active at least and its fun) We do want to upgrade to nice 42" tv, but not right now. We bought our 32" when we got married and it's been fine so far.
SO, he came home and the guy was going to drop off the money and told us we can have the tv also. I was a little hesitant cuz I hate second hand stuff, not that i'm stuck up in that way but most of the time things break down and it's better to buy it new in the first place. Although we have had some good stuff given to us. Besides why would he just give it to us even though Dustin chose the money? So in Dustin hauled our beauty. Here are the amazing features that came with it (don't get too jealous now!)

-I no longer need to worry about adding cute decor to our empty area because it takes up the entire wall
-It tells you when you have been watching too much tv! It just shuts right off! smart.
-We don't need to go to the theater cuz this thing is huge and you can see it from any angle of the house
-And get this, it's got the 3D built right into it! You don't even need those special glasses! It comes a goes though so we have to enjoy it while it's on. It's a teaser!
-Last but not least, last night I went to turn it on and it clicked on for half a second and then shut right off. It died! A week of pure bliss and now it's over. HALLELUAH!! Off to the dump we go...Now please give me back my TV.

I didn't even take the time to clean it, I guess I have some sort of "gift". I knew it wouldn't last long, I hate it when i'm right. Dang eh.
Oh and thats our tv on the floor, just for comparison....So does anyone want a tv? We won't charge you lots. Promise.

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Arrington's said...

That is so funny. Matthew will take anything that's free and I'm constantly having to veto it. I have a few of those stories myself.

Kels said...

nice. we just sold our 42 inch. it was the biggest breath of fresh air to get rid of it. i don't know why we bought such a big one in the first place!
that thing is seriously massive, good thing it didn't topple over onto one of your children! lol. (that wouldn't really be funny i guess, but didn't a little girl up there just die from that?)

Ashley said...

Don't you love when people pawn their junk off on you? He probably just didn't want to take it to the dump himself. That's too funny.

Kaylee said...

that is hilarious. i was reading thinking thats awesome, a guy was right for once... and then.... yeah we have a 27" or something around that area that won't turn back on for five minutes if the kids turn it off... lame, i just don't really care about tv. but good story!

Lynn said...

LOL!!! Too funny. Loved this post!!! Obviously the guy had a feeling that it wouldn't last much longer either.
You are so funny.

the fellers said...

that is hilarious!

The Anderson Family said...

So I heard you got lucky and dustin fixed you TV. Gave it the old boot special!! Nice work dustin!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Crappy! Good thing ya took the cash instead.

Janas Bananas said...

Stupid t.vs!! We bought on and it lasted us a month!!! and you can't fix them since they done make replacement parts anymore!!!! So there went a trillion dollars flushed down the drain..Love my old tube will last a life time!

Janell said...

Your daughters are so adroable :)
I love the picture of both of them in the swing.