Monday, June 01, 2009

Presley and Jayci are ONE!

On May 27th Presley and Jayci turned One! I can't believe it's been a year since they were born. We have had such an awesome, yet eventful year. We had a bit of a rough start but we made it through and now we have the best little one year olds keeping us on our toes all day. Yes it's busy and yes it can have it's stressful moments, but I rarely let it get to me because this is my life and I want to enjoy every chaotic minute of it! They are only babies once and what life would it be if it wasn't crazy with twins and a toddler! It also helps to have an amazing husband to help me. I've just learned to accept it from the day we found out that we were expecting twins. If you want to read about them being born go here!

They look like little old men here, so tiny.

They were 4 weeks old here, still so tiny.
Jill and I took this picture and there are no words for how awesome it is. So close already, it melts my heart.
So, I was trying to figure out how to do this post because I didn't want it to be super long but I want to share what the girls have been up to. So I loved the way Kelsey did her post on Norah, it was so much easier to read rather than paragraph after paragraph so I hope she doesn't mind that she was my inspiration here! So here is the babies latest and greatest accomplishments!

-They both love to feed themselves and don't like to be fed, which is messy and way funner of course! They LOVE bananas, and any other fruit
-Presley is my dainty eater and eats one things at a time, and Jayci will shove fist fulls at a time in her mouth. I can give Presley bigger things because she'll bite them whereas Jayci will shove the whole thing in and pretty much choke on it.
-They don't get any sugar, I was the same way with Kyla and will be with all my kids. I am very anal about what they get to eat and I follow the book when it comes to what they should and shouldn't have. Birthday cake was an acception of course.
-They love their sippy cups and drink out of them really well now, they are on homo milk all day for naptimes and bedtimes. We just need to work on at night when they wake up. They still wake every once in a while and the only thing that'll get them back to sleep is nursing, i'm ok with that for now. I think they'll grow out of it. Presley wouldn't even nurse last night, I pretty much had to try like 10 times before she would even latch, and she didn't want her milk and was freaking out, so really to calm her down I had to.
-Love snacks, the little gerber star snacks are their favorite and we go through those like we go through diapers! They also love mum mums, cherrios and muffins.

-They are having 2 naps a day, morning at around 9am, and afternoon at around 1:30. They go to bed at 7pm and usually sleep until 7ish, lately it's been more 6:30 thanks to Kyla waking up at that time. It's been fun.
-They go to bed really well, we just lay them in their beds with their milk and sometimes we hear them yelling and talking to eachother but eventually they die out.

-They both are crusing along furniture or anything they can walk along. Jayci is standing all by herself and yesterday took two steps from me to Dustin! I think she'll be taking off anyday. Presley is always a week or two behind Jayci and I was told that is so common with twins.
-They love peek a boo and play with eachother all the time on anything they can, around the couches, toys, table and chairs, with blankets, in their cribs etc. I keep trying to catch it on video but everytime I do I miss it. They just laugh and laugh at eachother. It is the cutest thing.
-They both can wave hi and bye, clap hands, give kisses, go up stairs, not down yet. They can put their balls in the toys where they are supposed to go, they figured that out on their own.
-They are starting to copy things we do, it's taken them a little longer to do this. I remember Kyla at like 6 months copying us. It's hard not to compare but obviously I don't worry about it being premature AND twins.
-They both love when I play with them on the floor. I'll crawl back and forth across the room really fast and they'll chase me, they love it. As always they also love playing with Kyla and she loves playing with them.

Well i'm sure there is a lot more but I can't think right now. That's most of it anyways. I want to post about their birthday. We had it on Sunday with Jill and Travis and their kids. I didn't want it to be a big thing with tons of people. Most of our family doesn't live here anyways so we just had us and it was perfect. I wish it wasn't pouring because I really wanted to have fun in the backyard with the kids. Here are some pictures! (ok maybe a little more than some)

This doesn't have anything to do with the birthday but I had to put it on. We bought Kyla a new t-ball set and she is a natural. Dustin threw it to her and she hit it everytime! She doesn't even need the T, must take after her mom eh!
Big girls waiting to open presents. Jayci is in white, Presley in pink

awesome sun glasses anutie Jill bought them with the cutest outfits that will be saved for another photo shoot! Love them.
We're One!!

My cupcakes. I was going to make two little fondant cakes but I didn't want them to get sick from it and besides fondant doesn't taste the best plus it was too much work, so I made cupcakes and an angle food cake.Happy Birthday!! Jayci on left, Presley on right

Presley couldn't get enough of her cupcake, she ate every crumb!
Jayci, not so much! She didn't like it on her fingers and she cried when she touched the cake part of it. So she used one finger to pick of the icing and then she was done!
Kyla and Emma, best cousins for life!



henline crew said...

Cute cupcakes!!! Happy Birthday girls! It's crazy how time flies. It feels like yesterday that I was at your mom's for your baby shower. Crazy!!

the fellers said...

oh my gosh, they are so cute...AND I LOVE the cupcakes, you are so talented!

Rebecca Talley said...

Gorgeous family! How fun to have twins. I have 10 kids, but no twins. I love your attitude about enjoying every minute because they really do fly by so fast. Adorable photos!

Lindsay said...

What a fun post. Happy Birthday to the girls!

Kels said...

i forgot everything after i saw the cupcakes! they are soooo cute.

Lynn said...

Awwww!! HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to the babies!
Loved the pictures and reports of their progress. I wish I had been more detailed like that when my kids were little. WHat a NICE record of their life.

Beautiful cupcakes you made! You are so talented. *sigh* : D

The Anderson Family said...

I love how you said that Jayci was the one that shoved fistfuls of food in and Presley was your danty eater!!! Not when it comes to cake!!! She was so funny yesterday. It was a great party. They sure are growing up fast. Seem like Emma and Kyla were just that age! Time flies.

Sue said...

Fun! Love the cupcakes.

Brandon and Kristy said...

the pics are so cute! and the cupcakes are cute too! looks like they had so much fun! happy bday to them! so crazy they r 1 now!!

Launi said...

Ohhh---TWINS! You should meet my daughter April. She has 17 month old twins- Lily and Beckham. Aren't two babies at a time just a wonder? Your girls are just beautiful.

The Lowry's said...

I found your blog week or so ago through someone elses. Such cute little girls and I love your 'name letters' you do too. Darling. If you go to my blog I'm sure you will remember who I am. I taught your sisters piano. I was wondering where you got those flowers from that you put on your cupcakes. Adorable cupcakes too! Simple yet SO cute. My blog address is