Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A promise is a promise!

We promised Kyla that on Sunday it would be HER day and that Dustin would take her out to ride her bike. So we kept that promise, and took her in the pouring rain! We bought it last year but she wasn't quite strong enough to push the pedals so it sat in our basement waiting for her, and she constantly has wanted to ride it since.
The video was the very beginning of them outside, they were out there for over an hour! She was crusin by the time she came back. Her hands were also numb, but she loved every minute and freaked when we made her come in. But we bribed her with a big bubble bath and then she was happy.

Also don't forget to visit my site to see my latest orders. There is still a few in the making. I have been so busy right now and I am loving every minute of it!
Here is one of them which I love!


Lindsay said...

I love it! Kids just don't care about the weather. Too cute.

Brandon and Kristy said...

aww kyla is adorable. She looked like she was loving it!! i cant wait to see u guys! xoxo

Lynn said...

YAY Kyla! Great job!

P.S. Beautiful letters as always Mindy!! Just gorgeous!