Thursday, June 11, 2009

My list

I couldn't come up with a clever title for this list. I have been thinking a lot about goals and things I want to do. I came across a friend of mine's blog who made a 101 in 1001 list. She wants to do 101 things in the next 1001 days. It was more intense things such as things on a bucket list. But for now I want to accomplish smaller things. I keep saying I want to do things but now I am going to do them. My timeline is to have all this done by next year. Some will take longer of course but I CAN DO IT!! So this is what I came up with. It was hard and it made me realize I need to have more goals in life. I challenge you to make one as well and keep us updated on how well you do. It's great motivation!
So here it goes

1. Take a dance class
2. Get a professional camera
3. Continue exercising daily and get an awesome bod
4. Read and STUDY the book of mormon with Dustin
5. Get a new vehicle
6. Get super busy with my business
7. Grow out my hair (past my boobs, that‘s my goal)
8. Buy a house
9. Take a course in school, maybe correspondence
10. Go on a real vacation
11. Pay off all our debt
12. Make bedding and quilts for all 3 girls
13. Make curtains or just get curtains
14. Get a bedroom furniture set and duvet cover
15. Take a baking/cooking class
16. Get quads
17. Become completely organized and have a spot for everything
18. Touch someone with teaching
19. Make a difference somehow
20. Get Dustin his truck
21. Get a wardrobe makeover
22. Own tons of shoes
23. Go see New moon (in the theatre)
24. Don’t get pregnant
25. Play a sport
26. Organize all our toys and throw half of them away
27. Go to Edmonton for a weekend without the kids (anyone wanna babysit??)
28. Make so many more friends
29. Do a lot more crafts
30. Have tons and tons of fun times with the Dustin and the girls!

now your turn!
ps: does anyone know how to center my picture? I am usually pretty computer smart but I can't figure it out.


Lindsay said...

Haha, my favourites are your goals not to get pregnant, and to grow your hair past your boobs. Not past your mid-back, past your boobs. No shyness there!

Like I say, in early 2010, I will babysit for your getaway! :)

Lynn said...

No. 8, 11, 22. I am very impressed that those are all on the same list. LOL!

Actually this was an AWESOME goal list.....and I have a feeling that you would complete them all too.

Great idea. I am now thinking about a list. Great motivator you are.

Kels said...

don't get pregnant. ha. thanks for a laugh early in the morning!

The Lowry's said...

I love this blogging world. Seriously everyone is so connected. It sure makes this world seem even smaller. I know lots of people up in fort mac that I didn't know were there, I see people commenting on others blogs that I think, wow they know that person too and seem like good friends. Such a small world. Anyways, that is an amazing list. You are a go getter so I know that you will complete them all. Once we move into our new home, maybe i will think about making a list. Right now I feel like I have enough to do at the moment.