Friday, June 19, 2009

Best friends and Summer!

Kyla and Emma are 3 weeks apart in age and are different in every way but they sure love eachother. They definately have had a love hate relationship over the past year but lately they have been so close and love to play with eachother. It's so cute when she asks to play with her or if she is coming to the park when we go. We have done quite a bit with them lately. It's so nice to have family up here and i'm so glad they are planning on staying 10 more years. I tell ya Fort Mcmurray is like crack, it's addicting! Except they get to build a house! While i'm stuck in my townhouse, which is cute i'm not complaining but we are outgrowing I told her i'll just live through her while I help her make all the decisions on colors, flooring, decorating... everything I would give my life for to do! I will get my house someday, and in the meantime I guess it's a bonus I get to see what I do and don't want in our house when we build.
Anyways, we bought a pool for Jayci and Presley for their birthday so we set it up and Kyla loves it. I haven't even took the babies in it yet! I usually go out with Kyla while they nap, it's just easier that way so I don't have 3 drowing children!
So the other night I was just chillin around doing nothing, (i'm good it) and I walked into my kitchen and looked out my kitchen window and found the entire neighbourhood of kids playing in our pool! What the! I went out and kicked em out. A few hours later I hear voices coming from the backyard "So this is your friends house?".... "ya, it is" A few of the kids decided to return and bring some more friends and thought it be okay to play in the pool again, I wasn't so nice this time, I even made a kid cry! aha oops. I have a problem with the kids in our little community and I was not having it become a community pool.... UNLESS....I could charge... $5 per kid to swim for about 10 minutes! It's like working from home! But I don't have to do anything! Maybe I will get to build my house....
Anyways here are the pictures.

We have a weekly mom and tots group in the ward and this week was at the spray park, it was a great turn out!

Mostly everyone, some left a little earlier

Presley all worn out, and the only picture I got of either of them. I know bad mom. Next time.


Lindsay said...

So you're the mean mom on the block, hey? :) Haha, I would do the same thing! Seriously, where are these kid's parents? I'm sad I missed the spray park...Cohen naps at 12:30 and I'm kind of a slave to his schedule! Looks like it was fun!

Lynn said...

LOL!! I have to laugh. The incident with kicking the kids out of the pool is SO like me. I have done the same thing. Also with our trampoline.

My excuse to the parents who come to my door with their crying child asking why their child can't come over and play in the pool or tramp whenever they wanted??

"It's against the law! Hello! Trespassing?? LOL!
Oh...and how about "I could get sued if your child drowns or is harmed on my property. And I don't want that on my conscience. What about when I am not home or NOT available to "watch" your child?!"

That's a scary thought, eh? However those two statements always got to them. The moms better understood. I just wondered where they thought that letting their child roam or be babysat at someone else's house with out "asking permission" first was acceptable!

Good luck! Summer has only begun. : D

the fellers said...

that is hilarious that you made a kid cry...haha....and that pic of Presley is so cute, we have a play group with our ward too, it is so great to have!

The Anderson Family said...

Your such a mean mom!! Kicking out the neighborhood kids. The one girl said you were her friend!!! One day Mindy you will get your house. I'm still not sure i'm gonna get mine! At least we'll be here together for a long time! Bachlorette monday!!