Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm a little biased

This is one of my latest names I made and I love it! I just had to share with you. This was for a good friend of mine and she is expecting their first baby girl. The nursery is hot pink, baby pink and lime green. So cute! I knew I was going to love making this one. Also the name is my ultimate favorite name that I have loved since I was little. We ironicly loved the same name. As you can tell, I like uncommon names. Presley's middle name is Taya. I didn't use it as a first name because I knew a relative on Dustin's side of the family who called their little girl Mataya and call her Taya for short and I didn't want to have the same first name in family, even though it wasn't really even the same name. Anyways i'm weird like that, and I make sense to me! ;) So ya here is her name! Congrats Teddi and Daniel i'm so excited for you!
(click on it to see it larger)


Sue said...

Very cute! Great job!

Lynn said...

Those colors actually are REALLY cute together!