Sunday, June 03, 2012

Life according to my iPhone

We have been busy having fun lately! Here are pics from my phone to prove it. It's so much more convenient.

We've been going to the park. Yay! We love this weather! 
Love her scrunchy faces.

I broke my toe. Laken dropped a big water bottle on it when I was holding her. It hurt like a mother.

I bought new sunglasses. I secretly wish I had bad eyes to wear fun glasses like this. So these are GREAT!

We all walk to the bus stop to take Kyla. It wasn't windy at all this day. Reminded me of southern Alberta!

The girls have been getting creative.

Laken got to wear her dang cute new swimsuit to the spray park.

I noticed the twins hair all of the sudden looks long! Hallelujah.

Laken's got new talents.

Here are the Gelatin bubbles in the making that I was talking about. I dipped balloons in the Gelatin a few times. But they were ugly.

Park days have worn us out. This picture is the best.

Hanging out with my lover.

We have turned fighting moments into a cute picture. She was literally attacking her and fighting and I said, "Smile girls!" So they did!

We started soccer! This was the end and Presley was worn out and the sun was a little bright I guess...
They are the cutest soccer players and get to play with their cousins and i'm a total soccer mom! Even though I've never played...

And I tried to teach the twins how to ride their bikes. Not the easiest... but definitely cute and entertaining. For about 20 minutes. Then we all gave up.

So that's all for now! I'm going to watch Miss USA. :)

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