Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

When Kyla went into Preschool I was more than excited for her, and the same as Kindergarten, but now that she is done Kindergarten, i'm not taking it so well! That day I knew I was going to cry at her little Graduation party and I did, especially in the slide show they made! They played the song "I don't wanna grow up" by Taylor Swift and ugh it took everything I had to not meltdown right there! Dustin said after he was almost going to laugh at me, but he knew i'd get mad so he didn't say anything. ha. Plus I cry at everything so he probably wasn't surprised. (Go listen to it and tell me you didn't cry, just click on the song title it'll take you to it)

She is getting so big and so smart. She is excelling in everything and really is the perfect child. She is friendly and patient and loves to help and teach others. She got the "Helping Hands Award" for her class! I was so proud. She was teaching the twins how to write their full names today and she loves teaching them. She is so in love with Laken and plays with her all the time. She loves to take care of her, I don't think she is ever annoyed of her and she always brings a smile to Kyla's face. They already have such a special bond between them, it's awesome.

Ok I had to search the song to make sure of what it was called before I blogged and it's playing while i'm blogging. BAD idea. Now i'm a wreck again.

So here is my not-so-little girls special day! We love you Kyla!

Kyla with some girl friends from class

Emma is in Kyla's class. I love that they are in things together. They are the best of friends!

Singing silly songs for the parents

Getting her Helping Hands Award! With her Teacher Mrs. Dakin.

Kyla and Mommy!

And Daddy!

Ms. Sherry

Mrs. Brake

I can't leave out my favorite part! The class made a cookbook out of their own recipes. They got to pick their favorite recipe and told how it's made. I wish I could post the whole book. I died laughing the entire time reading it. Kids are so hilarious.
This is Kyla's page.

Hilarious, right?! So Priceless.

So proud of you big girl! Love you!


Jeff and Brit said...

Awe she's getting so big! She looks super cute and I love the recipe! She's too funny!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love the cookbook. I am going to try the cookies tomorrow ;)

Amie said...

hahahahahaha oh my i love that recipe!! and how she thinks Dustin can breathe underwater. Hilarious!