Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The twins.

Oh these two girls. How much they have grown boggles my mind. They didn't love getting their pictures taken this night, mainly because of the bugs but we made it work and came out with a few! I just needed one for my wall and the grandparents! Next is Laken. It's supposed to be her 1 year ones but she is over 14 months old. Meh.
Anyways. I'm loving these pics and the girls in them! Enjoy!! :)

(Presley is in pink, Jayci in Grey) For some reason Presley looks so much Sassier in these. So funny because they are so much alike in real life, it's funny how they act in front of the camera. Jayci was more into than Presley so I guess that helped a bit.

 One of my favorites.


 Another favorite.

And my ultimate favorite!

ps: I'm anxiously awaiting our family pictures in the mail. I'm getting tired of seeing myself in the picture in our header, it's a year old and post baby, so I feel super sexy. These new ones so far are great! So I can't wait!!

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Jennie Holt said...

so adorable! they are so photogenic! you all are. im jealous, my kids will barely look at the camera.