Tuesday, May 29, 2012

They're FOUR!!

I seriously can't believe these two little girls are four! FOUR!
Seems like yesterday they were little preemies and I was hauling around 2 car seats! Now they are the sweetest little girls. They are so alike it's scary. They are shy and quiet, have soft hearts, and soft little high pitched voices. They love anything girly and LOVE to sing! All day I hear these little high pitched voices singing random made up songs while they play with their barbies or dolls. Some days I wish for ear plugs...
They LOVE to color. They could color or draw all day. They are really into colors lately and every day they have a different favorite color.
They are kind of a little wussy. They freak out at any bug, don't like doing anything by themselves and don't like trying anything new. We are working on this!

So we had a party to end off our crazy weekend. We had to delay it because of Jayci being sick and all. By the way she is back to normal and doing great. Still on her antibiotics but she's pretty much all better! Thank goodness.
The twins wanted a Bubble Guppies party. Which I thought might be difficult since the show is so new and there probably isn't anything bubble guppies around!
So I decided to play off the bubble theme and searched online for stuff. Luckily Nickjr.com has a ton of birthday printables! So we had a bubble guppies center piece, photo prop, wall decor, birthday banner, etc. I also got clear balloons and Dustin hung them around like bubbles from the ceiling. It was cute. I also attempted gelatin bubbles for the cakes. They were hideous and a lot of work, so I didn't use them. I was worried when I saw them online because some of them look pretty bad. I want to try sugar blown bubbles but they looked a lot more difficult! Anyways, so I pulled off the fondant on the cakes and just iced them myself. They turned out way better. Not sure what's with me and failing in the cake department. Dustin thinks I should have just got ice cream cakes. ha. I love making the cakes, I just need to learn to start sooner than the night before the party! Especially when trying something new!

The party was a little crazy. There were 11 kids in total. Yup.
But they had fun. It was funny the twins were the quietest ones the whole time! They said they had fun though, so that's good!

Birthday breakfast on Sunday!

Birthday girls on party day!
(Jayci left, Presley right)

 The Cakes!

Playing pin the tail on the Bubble Guppy! The big poster wouldn't print off so we improvised with a small one.

Getting ready to eat

Opening gifts!

Happy Birthday!! Love how she is blowing out the candles. Jayci's pictures of blowing them out turned out all blurry, (mhm Dustin) so hers is after they were out.

Excuse this amazing photo of myself, but it's the only shot of the "bubbles" on the ceiling. 

The party people!

Birthday girls!!

And the attacking on Dustin. Love it.

The Bubble Guppies poster! Love this.

 And probably my favorite one...

 So cute right?? I could eat her up.

Jayci and Presley after with all their gifts! Thanks everyone! 

Now I have NOTHING! Everything is DONE! No wedding, birthdays, dance, it's all done and I can just enjoy summer and getting ready for school in the fall! Ps: Did I mention Dustin is all registered!! Hallelujah! I also should mention he got the LAST seat in the class. Almost caused a divorce. ha. But we are in and looking forward to it! One last time!!


Ashley said...

Looks like a fun party! It's so crazy that they are 4 already. The time really has flown.

AKutarna said...

Oh how I love their cakes! Please do this for a living so I can hire you to make all of my kid's birthday cakes

Elysa Johnston said...

What a great mommy you are! I LOVE your girls, they are so cute and sweet!!!

Jordana said...

I love the Bubble Guppies poster, and the cakes are really cute! Kepler said he was too scared to do the pin the tail on the Bubble Guppies game, kids are so funny! Looks like it was fun!

Amy said...

What a fun party!! You are seriously the funnest mom ever.

Rini Asmiyati said...


Brandon and Kristy said...

so cute!! love the pics and decorations! you are more than welcome to come make all my birthday cakes :) love you lots!! i cant believe they are 4!!! time flies!!!! man,. love them!

Nichelle said...

I love reading your blog! I came across it awhile ago. Happy Birthday to your girls!! :)

Jennie Holt said...

oh man I can't believe they are FOUR! they are too adorable and the cakes and party turned out adorable! you are such a good mom :)