Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I sometimes feel like I wasn't fully prepared to be a mom. (I don't think anyone really is)
There are days where I say to myself or Dustin, "no one tells you these things!" And even if I was told I couldn't fully comprehend it until I was in it myself.
The days where the kids fight over everything, or the constant messes and then cleaning you have to do in order to stay on top of your house, how high maintenance the kids really are... etc.
Dustin tells me all the time how amazing I am and how grateful he is of me and what I do for this family. It means a lot to hear that. 

I can count on my hand the amount of times my laundry is fully done. There is ALWAYS dirty laundry!
I don't stress over my girls rooms being cleaned and they rarely are clean.
I live in a small house with 6 people, so the only place the girls get to play is in their rooms so that's where the mess will be.
I don't eat healthy or workout everyday (Although i'm working slowly at this and have started working out, go me!)
I don't have the cutest home decor or biggest house and it's not always clean.
I look like i've been hit by a truck most days. I avoid the mirrors those days.
I don't have crafts or activities for my kids to do everyday, I like that they can keep themselves busy and play together a lot of the time.
My kids stay in their pj's all day when we don't have to leave the house, or they just change a million times into random clothes and I don't care and they have bed head all day. It's a win-win, no more dirty clothes and they are already in their pj's for bed!
I forget my kids in timeouts... Ok not all the time, maybe I forget how many but whatever...

Anyways this list could go on.

I definitely don't ever expect to be "supermom". I do my best and what matters to me most is where I put all my energy. I've been trying not to worry about the little things like I used too.

I dance and sing with my girls everyday.
I'll waste time just sitting on the couch with them piled around me because they want to cuddle with me.
I'll lay on the floor and play with my baby when chores need done because she is growing so fast and I am hating it.
I tell them I love them all the time and really try and communicate with them about life and try and teach them the important things. I heard that kids have fully developed who they are by the age of 5! What we do matters!
I let them make messes, because they are kids and that's the fun of being a kid!
I bake with them.
I'm honest with them and I don't sugar coat things, only when necessary.
I try and do little things that make them feel special individually.
I just try and be a good mom. I have bad days for sure, and bad moments but no one is perfect.

I guess lately i've been a little worn out and have a lot on my mind. Sometimes I feel like a failure and I have to remind myself of how my life is lately. Dustin has been working a lot and needs to because we want him in school in the fall and in order to get there we have to save and be prepared. I live in a small place with 4 little girls who just want to play and make messes all day and I know it's temporary until he finishes school.

I don't even know if this post made any sense, sometimes I just write out what i'm feeling.
I love being a mom so much, it is a lot of work. Most days more than I can handle but the joys make it worth it. I have this craft Kyla made in preschool last year and she wanted me to hang it by my vanity so I did. I have been reading it a lot lately and it's a good reminder to me to enjoy these days as much as I can especially with her turning 6, it has gone by so fast and before we know it another 6 years will be gone!
It has her handprint on it and It says,

There used to be so many of my fingerprints to see
On furniture and walls and things from sticky grubby me.

But if you stop and think a while you'll see I'm growing fast 
These little moments disappear you can't bring back the past

So here is a small reminder to keep, not throw away
Of tiny hands and how they looked to make you smile someday. 


I also love this quote so much and I need it in huge writing by my front door!

So we live in the mess and try not to stress about it too much. I have been spring cleaning and it feels great but it's those little messes that the kids are making that I don't worry too much about. They are kids after all, that's what they do! I just love that they play together and have so much in common, it definitely makes life a little easier. :)

You know you need a break when you look forward to getting your wisdom teeth out and having to recover for the day and not be needed for a while! Ha.


A little Bit Of Us! said...

I don't usually leave comments but this was wonderful! I know oh to well what you mean!! Thanks for sharing and making me feel more normal!

kelsey said...

Amen. I love that quote about LIVING in a house. You're right, kids will be kids, and it's fun to make messes and dress up over and over again and be cuddled by mom. It's hard, but worth it. I never do crafts. . . and sometimes feel bad about it, but then realize that it's just not me. I'm not that "supermom" either. I can read, and play, and bake with them, and that is me.

the fellers said...

great post Mindy! I WISH I could say that I stopped to play with my kids as much as you do! I need to be better...this too shall pass and when our kids are all grown and our houses are clean, we will wish that we had them back to mess it up!

Ashley said...

I want that quote in my front entry! It's would save me from having to say my usual line when people come over! Haha! Motherhood is not for wusses, that's for sure!

Sue said...

Love it!! Sounds like you're a normal, awesome Mom of four young kids. Mindy rocks!!

Jennie Holt said...

love it! that quote is great! and i love that you forget your kids in timeouts! ha ha that is something i would totally do!