Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kyla's Photos!

I FINALLY got to go out and do Kyla's pictures. I've been patiently waiting between the weather and Dustin's schedule. Yesterday wasn't the nicest day but it was perfect for the pictures I was wanting. Rain was coming in so we ran out and within 30 minutes we had about 100 pictures taken so it wasn't too bad! She did awesome and loves it when she gets these photo shoots. I love it just as much! I have been so antsy to get out and shoot! Dustin was able to come out with us quickly which was so nice, I made him my prop man.
(I get people who ask where I get my girls hair pieces from, this one Kyla has on I made.)

I'm in LOVE with these photos and they are exactly what I envisioned! She is such a natural and I should get Dustin to video a session of her sometime because she honestly does everything on her own, she does mini movements and is so relaxed and I just eat it up. These are my favorite ones from the session. 
It's crazy to see how big she has gotten from the last photos we did in September! She's growing up too fast!


This black and white one is honestly one of my favorites. I LOVE the feel of it.

We sure are lucky!


Amie said...

I want to see a video!!!

Jennie Holt said...

she is stunning. and all these pics are amazing!!

Lynn said...

WOw Mind! You are SO good at what you do. You definitely have the eye and creativity. I love this work of art. So well thought out and planned. And if Kyla is a natural.....well....you know what they say about the "apple not falling far from the tree". Sure wish we lived closer. I would hire you in a second. ; )

Nick and Kierra said...

Wow. These look awesome!

Nick and Kierra said...

Wow. These are awesome

AKutarna said...

I'll take two of those hair pieces please! She is so pretty!