Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This long weekend was SO fun! Dustin actually had it off and after working a 24! It was so relaxed and fun which is so us. We colored eggs, rolled them down the hill (I forgot my memory card for the camera at home, thank goodness for our phones so I did get a couple pics and we videoed it too) the Easter bunny came and we even had a yummy turkey dinner at Jill and Travis's house! Sunday was also Laken's birthday! She is officially ONE now! I'm in awe of how fast this year has flown by.
The weather wasn't the best but it could have been worse, at least we didn't get snow! And luckily it's just getting warmer which makes me so happy. It's crazy how the weather affects us and our moods. Well mine anyways, I'm so much happier when it's sunny out!

Speaking of Happy, PMS is in full swing in this house today. The girls are so emotional and "having a hard day" as Presley keeps saying. Dustin should be glad he is back to work! Laken is even in on this one with cutting 4 teeth. So that's all I can say for today!

Here are a big jumble of pics. Enjoy!

Laken on her Birthday!

Rolling Eggs!

Easter Morning!

Laken's hilarious smile I caught. 

Coloring eggs!

Easter Sunday!

 Hope everyone also had a great Easter weekend!!


Amie said...

at least Laken isn't puking on Dustin in that photo on Easter Sunday. Last photo of him and the girls she was. Thats so sweet you guys had an awesome weekend. I can't wait until next year when Easter will be a bit more exciting around here.

kelsey said...

I can't believe you ever get any type of picture with all four girls in it. I struggle with my two trying to get them to look! lol. I love Laken's little grin in the stroller pic, so cute.

The Harker Family said...

Ah....all of you look so gorgeous! Very beautiful pics!