Friday, April 06, 2012

Birthday for two!

Kyla turned 6 on Wednesday and Laken is 1 on Sunday! So crazy right?! It's been a busy birthday week. On her actual birthday we did a birthday breakfast, lunch and supper, I made some cake pops for her school class and she even invited Emma over for her special dinner that she picked. I asked her what she wanted so we had Ham, Mashed potatoes and gravy, Green beans with mushroom soup and carrots. It was quite the feast! Then cake pops for dessert since I made like a million.
She is so appreciative of everything and told me how fun her day was so many times.

Today we had her friends party! She had 7 friends come over. She wanted to have a birthday party with Laken so we did! You can't do much for a 1st birthday party but we made it special... I think. We did a pink and yellow themed party and it was pretty simple.

 So most know how much I love making the cake and what it will look like etc. So I found this pic and naturally thought mine would look like this. (top pic)

Cute right?

I loved how different it was and I could make it yellow and pink alternating to match the theme and it looked pretty easy to me. Well here is mine...

What the...
So close. ha! It's a HUGE hot mess!!!
 I had a feeling it wasn't going to work out when I started to carve the cakes. They were terrible cakes to cut. I was a little frustrated then cried then Dustin and I laughed our faces off because he didn't understand what it was. ha. Britt said, "i'm trying to figure out where you went wrong, but I just can't!" haha
We had a good laugh over it!

I did end up totally revamping it, and made it into something at least. She loved it and that's all that matters! Dustin was awesome and at 9:30pm ran to walmart to grab some fondant so I could cover this thing up! It all worked out in the end.

Kyla's actual birthday morning surprise!

Peanut being Peanut.

Birthday Breakfast of her choice as always.

Cute coat from Grandma and Grandpa Petersen! Too bad she could only wear it for that one day and now it's FREEZING out again. Leave winter.
 My other two models. Jayci says, "We're like super agents!" Ya sort of.

 School day with her cake pops!

I have to document. Me redoing the dreaded cake at midnight.

Party day!

 Four beautiful girls. All mine! Well Dustin's too... I guess.

The new cake! I did what I could...

Easter egg hunt!

Painting their own spring canvases. I loved this and they all did so good!

Jill and Travis!


Note Kyla's expressions. 

ha. I'm glad she's happy!

At least it looked cool inside the cake!

 I love her baby legs.

Kyla's gifts!

Laken's gift from Anderson's.

 Her new scooter from us! We got her a new helmet and knee/elbow pads too. She loved it!

I think they are partied out...

Ok that's all. I'm hoping to get out on Monday to do their yearly photos. If it warms up enough! I'm spent. That took forever so i'm done. And I think the Easter bunny is coming tonight. It never ends! ha
Until next time!!


David Cichy said...

Okay, you are amazing! Your cake turned out gorgeous!! Adorable girls, looks like a fun party!

Jeff and Brit said...

This was a gooder post!!! Kyla's expression in every picture with her presents was pretty much the best! Oh and the canvas idea was awesome, I bet the kids loved it! I'm so happy that the cake turned out how it did ;) baahahhah! JK but it is much better than the first :) And I can't believe how big Laken looks! Can't wait to see her in May! Love ya!

The Pratts said...

Happy birthday to your girls. Looks like they had a great day, and way to go saving that cake!! It looked awesome in the end!

Randy and Capri Bird said...

Cute. Love the new cake. But don't worry. Mine would of came out just like yours. I NEVER get anything to look like the pictures.

kelsey said...

You did what you could? Sheesh. I would have just thrown it away. Lol.

I love Kyla's yellow dress, it's so cute on her!

Amie said...

LOVED all the photos! The cake seriously looked amazing! I also love the photos of Kylas expressions while opening gifts. I can't believe how grown up ALL your girls are starting to look!!

Ashley said...

That cake turned out so cute! Happy birthday Kyla and Laken! I can't believe it's already been a year... Where has the time gone.

the fellers said...

I am so sorry, but I can not stop laughing about that cake. Probably because i am SO glad that I am not the only one that thinks a cake looks easy enough, and then I end up crying and staying up WAY too late "finishing" it....(I do this EVERY time! Sigh)...and then I start to picture you and Dust laughing hysterically and I just crack up....BUT the cake the you ended up with was FANTASTIC...I need to learn to do fondant, cause that looks AWESOME!!!! You have a beautiful family Mindy! loved the post!

Mary-Ellen said...

The Cake is AMAZING. You are so talented!

The Harker Family said...

Okay, wait a second, YOUR cake turned out WAY better than the original one you wanted to make. Like WAY better! So much cuter! So it's good that the first one didn't work out! You're a talented girly! As for the firt cake in the picture (just in case you want to try it again...ha, ha, ha!), they pipped the icing with a big pipping bag and a large pipping tip (of youc could use the large star one). Then they just layed each layer on top of the pipped icing. Pipping the icing allows you to put icing on cake layers that you have cut in two without getting the crumbs everywhere (using a knife to spread icing on cut up cake layers just gets the crumbs all mixed into the icing and it's hard to ice). But I have to say I totally prefer your fondant cakes. They are absolutely GORGEOUS! I can't believe you were able to turn that cake into the gorgeous cake you did! You're awesome! Loved all the pics too. The girls looked so adorable! Well done!