Thursday, March 29, 2012

In my head

I think i'm going crazy. In the mornings when the girls wake up around 6am, I give them cereal, put on some shows and go back to bed since Laken isn't up till 9, there is no way i'm getting up. Anyways I have the hardest time getting back to sleep because my head is going crazy with what I need to get done! I have so much going on in the next 5 weeks.

Next Friday I am doing a joint birthday party for Kyla and Laken. Kyla wanted to have their party together really bad so I have to somehow tie in the special first birthday moments and Kyla's friends party. So I have party on my mind like crazy.
Then I want to do both their 1 year and 6 year pictures. So I have to find outfits/accessories/time on a nice day with no snow to do them etc...
A couple days after the party,  it's Easter! I haven't got one thing for it yet...
Dustin has to get his passport done. I'm worried about mailing it that it won't be here in time or something will be filled out wrong and it will be mailed back to us. So I think he is going to make a day trip to Edmonton to get it done. I wish we would have know that the kids don't need passports to drive across the border or else we would have got his done with mine last month! Ya we are a little late on getting them done. I don't want to hear it.
We've been planning wedding/bridal shower stuff every day.
Getting the girls outfits ready for the wedding, they are going to be the flower girls so i'm making their hair accessories and they are going to be dang cute. Well they are cute in my head anyways.
Oh and right after the wedding we are heading to Taber for Dustin's younger brothers grad and i'm doing his and his date's/girlfriends photos. We are also getting family pics done, YAY!!! So I have to plan our outfits still too! Yes it's a big deal.
After this is all over i'll have to come back and start planning the twins birthday! I can't believe they are going to be 4 already. Insane!

So I decided to make the girls names this week! I got the paper in the mail that I ordered and I loved it! I got all three done within 24 hours. Go me. I did have a metal file, which I tell you is SO worth it to get one! Dustin got it at Rona and it is just a long, skinny metal file for construction or something... I don't know but it's awesome to file the edges of the letters.
A couple people on facebook asked me a couple questions so i'll answer them here again.
I ordered my paper from HERE. Super cute stuff. I listed a couple of my favorite brands in the tutorial HERE.
And I order my letters from HERE. The fonts of the twins is Cheri, and Kyla's is Chalk. Those are my two favorite fonts for girl names.

Oh and at the last minute I decided to make a 12" 'F' for our living room. I do have our whole last name but it's too much for our smaller house, so I just did the 'F' for now. I told Dustin the new colors i'm putting in our house. Teals, greys, and corals, and he's like "Oh nice, so do I get to like these?" I said, "Nope". So I made the 'F' in those colors so now he has no choice, I already started. ha

Here are the names I made. The twins matches their bedding perfectly, I love it. I should of put a picture of the bedding on. Meh, maybe later.
Kyla's bedding is pink and white damask, so I made hers pink and grey so I can throw grey into her decor.

These are all from my phone so they aren't the best pictures. Oh and Presley's second 'e' is just the paper because I couldn't fine the 'e' anywhere! I finally found it, but didn't take another picture. So that's just the paper sitting there...

Anyways, things have been great around here! I'm going to the Hunger Games this weekend with us and a few friends. I'm excited. I think I was more excited for Twilight though, i'm not gonna lie. But it'll be nice to get out and socialize! It's been a while with Dustin working a 24 right now. So i've been cleaning lots and planning even more!
I can't wait to have a house next year and go all out for the girls parties. I love planning parties!! LOVE it. Maybe a little obsessed. But for now we "try" to go simple... I said TRY.


palegreensocks said...

Wow Mindy, I'm impressed. There should be an award for Mom of the Year. Seriously. Your life is crazy insane right now. Just remember to breathe once in a while ok. Goodluck with the passport thing. Dustin needs to do it in the next week if he plans on getting his passport back in time for the wedding. There's always expedite shipping. Anyway, one task at a time and you'll get there.

AKutarna said...

LOVE the letters! LOVE!

Cichy's said...

All of your letters look amazing! So cute! Now I want to see it with the bedding! Haha

Cichy's said...

Your letters all look amazing! So cute! Now I want to see them with the bedding! Haha

Emily said...

I love Kyla's paper. I used that for Valentine's Day this year. So pretty!

Emily said...

I love Kyla's paper. I used that for Valentine's Day this year.

Janas Bananas said...

My daughter wants to make those letters for her room, she thinks they are the coolest things ever, maybe I should just order them and let her do it...the look good! Good luck with everything, I love it when my busy is over and I think I can rest and more busy just comes along so it never really ends....*sigh**