Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm back! I actually made it there and back on a plane! Going there was smooth and easy, on the way back not so much. Our plane was delayed 2 hours because it had to turn back around to Vancouver for maintenance and then we had to wait for it! So because of that I missed my connection in Vancouver to Edmonton. So I had to call Air Canada and rebook it, so I had one scheduled but had to have one more layover in Calgary before Edmonton. I was fine with that. I got to Vancouver and they told me I couldn't get on the plane because I already missed it. (It was half hour to take off and I still had to check my bags) Ugh, so I had to get re-booked AGAIN. So she booked me on a flight that was leaving only 20 minutes from the last one, so I had to run from one end of the airport to the other to get to it. I get there and it was delayed! ha. Well at least I made it. I'm not going to lie I was a little overwhelmed because it was my second time flying and wasn't sure what I was even doing! But it all worked out and I actually made it home earlier without the Calgary layover, so that was nice.

Oregon was SO much fun!! I LOVED LOVED spending time with my 2 sisters! I got to meet Stephanie's fiance, Kevin. I gave them the approval to get married. I told her at Christmas (before we found out he already proposed) that he had to ask my permission to marry her... So that was too late, hence me not being impressed at first. ha. But he is great and I can tell he really loves her and will take care of her. I also got to know him pretty good because I took their engagement photos and he was so awesome and so cooperative and so natural with her! I can't believe it took me so long to get into engagements! I LOVED it. If I could do engagements for the rest of my career i'd be happy. I think i'm going to try and get into weddings eventually, I think it would be something i'd love!

Anyways, we had a ton of girl time which I SO needed! Did the whole shopping thing, girls night out for dinner and then another girls night for Bachelor finale! It was awesome. The best part is how many people asked us if we were sisters and then triplets! Ha. No. I don't think we look anything alike! Someone even thought Kristy was Steph's mom! ha!

When I first got there, I didn't know what to do! I felt useless and lost! I didn't have kids to tend too, messes to clean up, meals to make etc. I got used to it pretty fast though. Who wouldn't!?
Dustin did AMAZING. He never complained once! Not even before I left. He was dad of the year. He made forts with the girls. Read them the book green eggs and ham then actually made green eggs and ham!! He also even baked cookies with them!! Seriously, I was amazed. I'm so glad they used up every minute to spend time together because it doesn't happen very often without me around. Laken was even taking a couple steps!! It's crazy. She is not allowed to grow up this fast.

This is the day I got there!
Steph workin it.

And Kristy... cleaning up dog poop... So hot.

This was to show me as the fifth wheel. Doing engagement pics downtown Portland!

 The only pic of the 3 of us and Kevin's eyes are closed. Sorry Kevin! ha It was raining on and off so I was a hot mess.

 My assistants! 

Brandon oozing with excitement.

The only pic of us 3! 
 Deklin loved me. He was so much fun.

 LOVE him.

Meeting some of the Bird fam!
Carly, Capri, Krist, Me, Steph.

Doing makeup trials for the wedding!

Wedding shoe shopping for Steph!

Funny story. 
Deklin's hair was in his eyes all the time. So I helped him out a bit! Brandon wasn't too impressed but everyone else loved it! Look how much happier he is with it! bahah!

Kristy hoovering all the Krispy Kreams. She would.

 Bachelor finale night!!

Saying goodbye in the airport! Sad.

I had so much fun and loved spending so much time with my sisters!! I wish Britt could have been there so bad! I hate how far away we all live from each other! It should not be allowed. I can't wait to do it again!! Love you girls and miss you like CRAZY!!

Oh I guess i'll leave you with a couple engagement pictures! I'm only allowed to post a few and not her favorites for the invites. They were all so good I had a hard time choosing which few to post!

Aren't they such a hot couple!? Love them.


Randy and Capri Bird said...

Cute pictures! So fun. Glad I got to see you again. Next time it won't be 5 years ;)

kelsey said...

What a FUN trip. I hear you about sisters living far away from each other, it sucks. It looks like you had a blast though, and Dustin is a superman for taking that on! lol. I would let Jake do the same thing though.

Love the engagement pic with the city line in the back and them kissing. So cute.

Cichy's said...

How fun to be with your sisters! Doesn't it make you so happy to have 4 girls so close! They will have so much fun together!

Amie said...

Love all the photos, but I think you look awesome in the one of you three girls with your lace up shoes! Such a cool mom!!!!

The Harker Family said...

So glad you girls all had so much fun! You are all such gorgeous girls! What a nice break for you too! You deserve it! Oh and those engagement pics are AWESOME!!! If those aren't the "favourite" ones then I can only imagine how fabulous the ones that she chose for her invites are going to be because the ones you posted were totally amazing!!! You are one talented girly Mindy!!!

palegreensocks said...

Will you be posting the invitation photos soon, well, after she sends them out cause I want to see them. What an exciting trip? I love reading your posts. You need to add "author" to one of your talents. HA! I would buy a book. Your life is so exciting and Oh my GOSH... you all have amazing genes. I would never think that you had 4 girls and with TWINS in there. Geez... good for you girl!

Christine Peterson said...

Great pictures! I love how you girls all dress so nice!